New Discoveries and New Business-Destroying Apps In This Week’s “The Ghost and Molly McGee”

More of the critical story for the season with the ghost-hunting neighbors comes into play, while Andrea makes an app that’s a little too close to the real world of the viewer in this week's The Ghost and Molly McGee.

I Want To Dance With Some Ollie

Molly and Ollie are setting up a dance at the school, the Brighton Bop, and the pair have a chance to spend more time together as they build the event together.

After set up is complete, they decide the both need a date to the Bop, and decide to go together…but it is not a date date. A good thing, since Scratch is a ghost and Ollie and his family are, you know, ghost hunters. The festivities continue, and even Daryl has somehow hijacked a contest to lure Atomic Pink to town once again.

The two are having a good time, and with the song number, everyone is finally ready to see them become an official couple. So much so in fact, that they become the queen and king of the dance. Scratch, this entire time has been trying to prevent this, and finally pulls her aside to remind her that Ollie hunts ghosts, and he is eternally bonded to her. Molly says this is more about him then her and they get in an argument before Scratch leaves the school and gets trapped in a ghost trap that was shown earlier in a video featuring Ollie’s Sister.

Molly goes back into the school and slow dances with Ollie, finally admitting that this can be a real date. As she gets closer to him, she hears a beeping sound. One of the traps has been triggered, and Molly makes an excuse to get away.

She immediately runs to Scratch, finding him in the trap and saying how awful this is. Of course, Ollie follows (unbeknownst to her) and sees her talking to nobody before he puts on his special goggles and sees that Molly is talking to a ghost, telling him that she and Ollie are through. She can’t be with a ghost hunter.

Heartbroken, Ollie falls back on to the stoop and waits for his mom to come get him. After asking where Molly is, he simply replies that she left with a friend. Mom being mom knows something is up and asks if there's anymore that he wants to talk about, but Ollie stays mum on the topic, not sharing he’s seen a ghost with Molly to his ghost hunting family…for now.

Davenport’s on Demand

Some episodes of a series stand out more than others, and this particular entry stands out above others simply due to how real it is, even though in animated fantasy world.

Molly is in her coding club and Andrea comes in and though she’s never tried it before, she grasps on to it pretty quickly and starts her own coding influencing and webseries.

She has quickly created a new app for her parent’s store called Davenport’s on Demand, and to support her friend, Molly insists her family try it. Scratch is especially interested since the app seems to cater specifically to the post-living demographic.

They try and discover how amazing and convenient the app is. Cue the musical number! We see the town in montage form delight in the convenience of the new shopping and delivery app, ordering food, couches, and comfy pillows, even a deep fat fryer.

After the song is over, we learn that a month has passed and Molly and Scratch are walking through the downtown Brighton area, realizing all the businesses are closing because of the app. Even Libby’s mom’s store, Book Marks the Spot.

Andrea’s parents however, have never been prouder, and she thanks Molly for inspiring her and tells her that she is solely responsible for everything that is happening. Now, feeling responsible, Molly attempts to start her own business featuring the small businesses of Brighton doing all the deliveries on their behalf.

After that fails, it’s time for a protest. Molly brings residents and business owners to the doorstep of Davenport’s where they plead with Mr. Davenport to shut down the app and help save the community.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Fortunately, Andrea is there and has a bit of good in her, and sees what her app has done to the town. She works with Molly on the app and using Scratch and a mannequin as a distraction, get into her father’s computer to delete the app completely. Brighton is saved.

Oh wait, what’s this…Biz-Mart corporate headquarters are taking notice of the rise in consumerism in Brighton, and thinks it might be the perfect location for their latest megastore.

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