Disneyland Paris Cast Members Striking Throughout the Parks

Disneyland Paris Cast Members gathered today (May 30th, 2023) to hold their biggest strike yet — causing major disruptions throughout the parks.

Cast members across the resort were joined by Union La CGT to protest current wage conditions. Starting on Main Street U.S.A., all morning shows and parades were cancelled as thousands of Cast and supportive guests marched across the resort to Avengers Campus. Both parks and full resorts remained open to guests, with most attractions and services fully operating.

Disneyland Paris is no stranger to disruption, as cast members have been peacefully protesting for a number of weeks now. Today's protest, however, was intended to generate the largest crowds.

Employees of the anti-inflation movement expressed their apologies for the disturbance, posting the following for distribution (Source: ED92)

“To the attention of our dear guests:

Due to a strike movement that promises to be very popular with Disneyland Paris employees on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, we ask you as much as possible to anticipate any disruptions.

We know how sacrificing coming to your favorite park is for many of you, unfortunately the management made the deliberate choice not to hear from us for months. So that the magic is preserved for as many people as possible: please, if you can, plan to postpone your visit. If this is not possible, please be indulgent if certain shows or attractions are temporarily closed or postponed.

It is really reluctantly that we come to this, our job is to make you dream. Thank you for your understanding and sorry again for the inconvenience caused.

To be distributed widely.


Full operations are expected to resume as early as this evening, and not affect the following days.

Edith Gervin
Edith is a lifelong Disney Parks fan, Star Wars enthusiast, Content Creator and writer that focuses on Disneyland Paris. When not at home in Ireland, she can usually be found in line for Phantom Manor. Her other hobbies include pin collecting, talking about animatronics and daydreaming about Rise Of The Resistance