“Star Wars Rebels” Chopper and Sabine Wren Figures to Be Pipelined If Hasbro’s Ghost HasLab Project Unlocks All Tiers

With less than two weeks left on Hasbro’s Vintage Collection The Ghost HasLab campaign, the popular toy company’s Star Wars team revealed yesterday that should the project reach the point where all of its stretch goals tiers are unlocked, future 3 ¾-inch scale figures of Chopper and Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels will enter the pipeline stage.

What’s happening:

  • During a media interview yesterday (in which Laughing Place was given the opportunity to participate), Hasbro’s Star Wars team revealed that new The Vintage Collection action figures of Sabine Wren and Chopper as depicted in the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels will enter the pipeline stage of development if all tiers of the HasLab The Ghost campaign are unlocked.
  • The Ghost HasLab project has already achieved nearly 11,500 backers, which means the ship itself will enter into production after the campaign ends, plus it will include the Ezra Bridger The Vintage Collection figure on a unique “mural” cardback.
  • The promised Chopper and Sabine figures would be issued on the same style cardbacks if they go into production, though they are not included as part of the HasLab campaign and will be sold separately.

  • The two remaining stretch-goal tiers to be unlocked are the Kanan Jarrus figure (at 14,000 backers) and the Zeb Orrelios figure (at 17,000 backers).
  • Hasbro also recently released new images of the Ghost’s paint model, showing off some incredible details of the ship.

What they’re saying:

  • Chris Reiff, Hasbro product designer: “We know with the Ghost there’s a crew-building [element] there, and we wanted to continue that story on the special cardbacks. The crew is not complete in the Ghost on those cardbacks, but if we do get to 17,000 backers, and we get Kanan funded at the 14, we get Zeb at 17– if we get there and we get that covered off, we’re pipelining today that we will address Sabine and Chopper on similar mural-inspired cardbacks outside of the HasLab.”
  • “Casual fans might be expecting the Ghost to look exactly like it does in Rebels, [but] it’s fully detailed out based on the live-action version [from Ahsoka], so it looks like a real Star Wars ship– all the piping, all that greebly detail, all the panel stuff, all those detail levels. Then there’s little stuff that I think will speak meaningfully to Rebels fans, even down to how Hera decorated her quarters with patterns on the walls and curtains and stuff. I think little details like that we’ve tried to capture in here to really make it bridge [from animation to live-action] and tell that full story.

For additional information on the Ghost HasLab project and to back the campaign for yourself before September 7th, be sure to visit the official Hasbro Pulse website.

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