Toy Unboxing / Review – LEGO “Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures” Tenoo Jedi Temple Building Set #75358

A couple months ago we here at Laughing Place received a box full of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures merchandise from Disney Products to check out and share with our audience. Included in that box was a LEGO Star Wars building set featuring characters and locations from Lucasfilm’s already-popular Disney+ / Disney Junior animated series, and today I finally was able to get around to unboxing, building, and reviewing the fun set on LP’s YouTube channel, as you can see in the embedded video below.

Watch LEGO "Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures" Tenoo Jedi Temple set – unboxing / build / review:

This LEGO building set, which is recommended for ages 4 and up, depicts the Jedi Temple on the planet of Tenoo that serves as one of the main locations for Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, which debuted on May the 4th (Star Wars Day) of this year. The LEGO minifigures included in the set are Master Yoda, Lys Solay, and Kai Brightstar, but there’s also a lightsaber training droid and more fun action features like a “levitating” boulder and toppling boxes. Around the back side of the temple, kids will find bunk beds for Kai and Lys, plus a little kitchenette complete with a frying pan for baking Jedi treats and, of course, a container of blue milk. The set contains a total of 124 pieces and the instruction manual– which is divided into three parts– is designed to make building as simply as possible for younger LEGO Star Wars fans. You’ll also build Lys’s speeder bike, which can seat any and all of the included characters.

As an older fan, my favorite thing about the Tenoo Jedi Temple set is that it includes printed pieces (not stickers) with the Jedi Order insignia and themed bricks with moss growing on them. I feel like these elements would be essential in building out a larger Jedi Temple set of fans’ own designs, which makes this a great place to start. And while this set is definitely targeted at younger collectors, I don’t see any reason why that should stop adult Star Wars fans from picking it up as well, except for the glaring absence of Nubs– undeniably the breakout star of Young Jedi Adventures. Overall, I’d say the LEGO Star Wars Tenoo Jedi Temple building set is a fun, simple, and not too big or expensive place for younglings to begin their journey through A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

LEGO Star Wars Tenoo Jedi Temple is available now wherever LEGO building sets are sold.

Mike Celestino
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