YouTubers Create DisneyBounding Looks for Pixar Fest

What happens when you mix DisneyBounding with Pixar Fest? Well, you get something quite adorable. YouTuber, Heathertraska seems to have quite a handle on the DisneyBounding scene with her villains, couples, and gender-bend lookbooks. Not to mention they’re clever, colorful, and easy to put together. Now she’s added Pixar characters to her latest lookbook video. Heather and fellow YouTuber Tashapolis, put their spin on some classic Pixar friendships and the results are super cute. Check out out:

Heather notes in her video description: “I decided to create this new lookbook to help get you ready for Pixar Pier and Pixar Fest at Disneyland, or perhaps you just need some inspiration for your next DisneyBound (or first)!”

Just a reminder, Pixar Fest is going on now through September 3rd at the Disneyland Resort, and Pixar Pier is scheduled to open on June 23rd. In fact, we should be getting a few sneak peeks at Pixar Pier next week, so stay tuned!