Meeting characters is one of the highlights of visiting the Disneyland Resort. And with the advent of social media, guests love to share their experiences with the world. Below are some of the best social media Disneyland character posts we saw in just one day featuring rare characters, seasonal characters and some classic characters as you’ve probably never seen them before:

Speaking of classic characters as you never seen them, Mickey and Goofy put on a cap and gown to celebrate Disneyland Resort Cast Members who were  a part of the Disney Aspire program.

From the seasonal realm, there is a lot going on at Disneyland right now as a part of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort.

Nothing beats having your picture taken with a Disney character in a Disney park. I particularly love this first one for some reason. Maybe it brings back memories of my own childhood. “Say Cheese”


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チューバッカと。 普通に撮れたやつとテンション上がりすぎちゃってるやつとブラックアウトしたやつ。 記念撮影なのに顔が全面的に隠される罠。 もふもふ大好き。 . . . . #スターウォーズ#starwars#ディズニーランドパーク#ディズニーランド#ディズニー#Disney#Disneyland#Disneylandpark#カリフォルニア#California#アナハイム#Anaheim#チューバッカ#chewbacca

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Finally, a couple of odds and ends. One of the lesser known characters (but well known to us), Gideon, and a throwback (check out that Big Bad Wolf).

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Gideon is out! #pinocchio #disneyland #gideon

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I hope you enjoyed this look just one day of Characters at Disneyland. If you have one of your own, please share it below.

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