Taika Waititi “Leaks” Fake “Thor: Love and Thunder” Script During “Thor: Ragnarok” Watch Party

Taika Waititi, director of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, hosted a watch party for the film last night on his Instagram. During that watch party, Waititi “accidentally” revealed a look at a script for his upcoming Thor sequel, Thor: Love and Thunder. After a quick look, it’s safe to say Waititi was trolling his audience with a fake script.

(Photo Credit: Fandom)

As you can see in the image above, the fake script features a resurrected Tony Stark meeting Thor and attempting to assemble “The Avengererers.” He also explains that he is alive because of “science” and that Thanos and “everyone who died” is back.

Waititi didn’t stop there though, he also shared “concept art” from the upcoming movie for the character Miek and the new look of Asgard.

Photo Credit: Fandom

Waititi seems to have taken a page out of Loki’s playbook with the new look for Miek and the very different Asgard. On top of all that, the director also mentioned “an appearance” from Korg, the possible presence of starsharks and the fact that he “had no idea” Loki was going to die in Avengers: Infinity War.

So what do we know about Thor: Love and Thunder? Probably less than we did before Waititi’s watch party. We do know however that the film is slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2022.

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