Trian Group Proxy Statement Urges Disney Shareholders to Withhold Votes for Michael B.G. Froman and Maria Elena Lagomasino

Nelson Peltz’s Trian Group has filed their proxy statement as they continue to seek two seats on The Walt Disney Company’s Board.

  • In their proxy statement, the Trian Group urges Disney shareholders to withhold votes for Disney board members Michael B.G. Froman and Maria Elena Lagomasino.
  • This is the second straight year Trian is targeting Froman’s seat on the board, and with two seats being their current goal, Lagomasino’s seat is also in their sights.
  • According to the proxy, Trian is targeting Froman’s seat because “he has no experience as a public company director outside of Disney and has spent most of the past 25 years of his career in fields which appear largely unrelated to Disney’s businesses: working as a federal trade representative, a national security advisor, and a financial executive.”
  • Lagomasino’s seat is also being targeted because “her background in wealth management also appears largely unrelated to Disney’s businesses and, like Mr. Froman, she only has one skill central to Disney’s strategy.”
  • Other objectives of the proxy statement include encouraging shareholders to withhold votes on each of Craig Hatkoff, Jessica Schell and Leah Solivan, the nominees from Blackwells Capital
  • You can read the full Trian Group proxy statement here.
Mike Mack
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