The Youngest Remington Gets Cut Off To Learn A Lesson In The Latest “Big City Greens” on Disney Channel

Remy learns a hard lesson in financial responsibility while Bill finds a second family while in the park on this week’s Big City Greens.

Dollar Sense

The Remingtons are going over their financial information, and they sure do see a whole lot of red. Who in the family would spend so much on a fake snowing machine? Remy of course! Also buying a circus cannon, and massive sculpture of him and his friends to go with it (among other things).

Remy’s parents try to use this as a teaching moment about spending money wisely. They may have a ton of it, but they know how to use it to make more or spend on frivolous things but in moderation. Remy doesn’t seem to grasp this and he even suggests going to the Money Store and buying more money.

Clearly, their son doesn’t understand the value of a dollar, so they cut him off. However, they give him a chance to redeem himself, and give him a single dollar. If he can make it through the day without spending that dollar carelessly, he will get his wallet, and all the funds inside, back.

With Cricket, Tilly, and Vasquez by his side, Remy wants to do what his parents do and buy his own business to make more money. So, he heads to his local economy furniture store with his dollars, walks in, and offers to buy it with his one dollar. Echoing his parents, the employee at the store announces on the P.A. that there is a Money Dummy in the room, and insists everyone throw their meatballs from the food court at him.

Dejected, Remy seeks the one thing that can cheer him up at a time like this, food. And the BcRib is back at Burger Clown! So, using that single dollar, he buys himself the BcRib.

After him, another customer wants a BcRib, but they are now sold out. The customer insists and says that he’d even pay $10.00 for a BcRib sandwich. Remy realizes that would dramatically increase his profits, and takes the deal.

Now that he has $10, he comes up with the perfect plan for a business. He is going to take out a loan and buy out all the BcRibs in Big City and sell them for more as the supply dwindles.

So they go to the bank who typically don’t give loans to children, but they know Remy is a Remington, and give him whatever he wants.

Using the loan money, they buy out all the BcRibs, as planned and store them in a vault. If you know anything about food preparation and storage – you’re ahead of the story but shhhh for now.

The city is now sold out of all BcRibs and a big investor has caught wind of what Remy is doing and attempts to buy his entire supply for a million dollars. Remy rejects the offer (A Money Dummy move) in the hopes of getting more. It won’t happen though, since Burger Clown has now held a press conference saying that the demand for the food is so high now, that they are going to offer the BcRib on their regular daily menu…which means Remy’s supply is basically worthless. They rush to sell what they have but soon discover that all the burgers are now stale, and unsuitable for human consumption.

Remy asks what will happen if they can’t pay the loan back by the end of the day as agreed, and the banker says that if he can’t pay, then they’re coming for Remington Manor to pay back the loan, leaving him and his family without a house. Cricket however, has found a buyer for the stale burgers – the Big City Zoo – who plans on serving them to the penguins, who eat them like birthday cake. The catch is, they won’t eat the burgers if they have pickles on them, so Remy and his friends must individually take the pickles off every BcRib sandwich they have, which is a supply so large that it needs to be airlifted to the scene.

There’s hard work involved, but the deal is complete and they get their money to pay back the loan. In fact, they’ve even made a profit – of 75 cents.

After Tilly and Cricket get their cut, Remy is left with only a quarter, and must now face the music of telling his parents that of his $1.00 he only has a quarter left. To his surprise, they are proud that he didn’t spend all of the money they left him and still had something left at the end of the day. There is still some work to be done, but Remy now knows the value of the dollar, so they let him have his wallet back.

True Cawing

Bill’s idea of fun this Saturday is to see more statues and continue his Saturday Statue Tour with the family – who want nothing to do with another Saturday Statue tour. Angered by how quickly his family has turned on him, Bill sets out to do the tour alone, while the rest of the family heads home to work on their hobbies.

In the park, Bill is touring some statues that seem to mirror his own emotions, and befriends a murder of crows who have taken residence upon some of them. Surprisingly, the Crows seem interested in the statues and what Bill has to say as well, and they begin to follow him from statue to statue, with Bill adopting them as his new crow family (or Cramily), and becoming so happy that he breaks into song.

He heads home to introduce the Cramily to his own, and a ruckus ensues when the Crows begin to cause damage in the home. Bill is upsetted by his real family’s lack of interest in his new Cramily, so he opts to join the Cramily as the others don’t seem to get it.

At the house, Cricket doesn’t seem to have a hobby he can call his own. Gramma teaches him how to knit, which only left a tangled mess, and Tilly helps by teaching him how to make slime, which he inadvertently causes to explode and make a bigger mess. Nothing seems to suit him, so he leaves to go be alone for a bit.

In the park, Bill is now fully Crow-ified (or should I say, he’s Crow-ified) and is spending time with his Cramily. As the crows take him to eat at a nearby trash can, the birds are getting upset that Bill doesn’t like the food they eat with Bill shouting frustratedly that this isn’t for him. Suddenly, he gets it. That’s what his family was saying earlier.

Wiping off his crow makeup (or should I say, Crow makeup), Bill says he is going back to his real family and the crows revolt, taking him up into the air again as they chase him home. Tilly and Gramma see this chaos and call for Cricket to come help too. That’s when they realize – Cricket’s hobby is creating chaos, and he uses all of his new skills to save his father.

Bill apologizes to his family, who agrees to one statue Saturday a month year.

This episode of Big City Greens is now available on Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app, You can catch up with previous seasons and episodes streaming now on Disney+.

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