Discussing Season Four of “Big City Greens” With Chris and Shane Houghton

It’s been several months since we last stepped foot into Big City on the hit Disney Channel series, Big City Greens, but we are all set to head back in the highly anticipated fourth season of the animated favorite on September 23rd. To mark the occasion, I was able to sit with the creators of the series, Chris and Shane Houghton, to talk about everything to come in the new season.

When we last saw the Greens, the stars of the Emmy winning series, they had decided to split their time between Gramma’s home in Big City, and their re-purchased farm in the country town of Smalton. While we touched upon moments of season three, as well as previous episodes throughout the series and the Big City Greens Classic NHL broadcast, we spent a bit of time on the guest stars who will appear in Season Four. The announced list includes:

  • Michael Bolton
  • June Diane Raphael
  • Tom Green
  • Brad Marchand
  • Margo Martindale
  • Justin McElroy
  • Tim Meadows
  • Dean Norris
  • Ms. Pat
  • Tim Robinson
  • Paul Scheer
  • Amy Sedaris
  • Trevor Wallace

Though, I will admit I did overlook Paul Scheer’s presence, addressed in the interview above, though we did acknowledge the return of Chip Whistler as teased in the season three finale, just presumably as a regular cast member though the Houghtons confirmed he is still an “honored guest.” Another special guest who doesn’t appear on this list but is introduced in the video above, is Phineas & Ferb creator Dan Povenmire, who made some special contributions to an episode. What were they? Watch the interview!

Earlier this year, the Houghtons and as such, the Greens, took part in a bold experiment where a live NHL hockey game was broadcast simultaneously on ESPN channels and Disney Channel and Disney XD, but the on the latter networks, it took place in the heart of Big City’s Times Circle thanks to new technologies. We discussed the presence of Hockey in the new season, where Chris mentions that the hockey-based episode was in the works before the NHL game occurred. Either way, we will be introduced to Big City’s hockey team, the Icicles, when the series returns. Something that we kind of noticed thanks to the debut of the fourth season’s poster a few weeks ago.

Season Four also marks a major milestone for the series, the 100th episode! The Houghtons shared that this is one of their most ambitious 30 minute episodes yet, which is saying something considering some of their previous episodes like “Virtually Christmas,” “Squashed!” or “Chipocalypse Now!”

Back before season 3 premiered, it was announced that the series had been renewed for this fourth season, as well as a new musical movie that is set for some time in the future. That movie did come up for just a bit, but only a bit as our primary goal was to talk about season four, so we learned all about the guest stars, the return of Chip Whistler, new characters, and even a minor character or two taking center stage this season. Season Four of Big City Greens arrives on Disney Channel on September 23rd, you can also catch up with previous seasons now streaming on Disney+.

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Tony Betti
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