A Season Finale Grossly Overshadowed By An Emotional Series Finale as “The Ghost and Molly McGee” Concludes

Two episodes of the popular Disney Channel series, The Ghost and Molly McGee, debuted over the weekend, and not only do they wrap up the season, but also the whole series, as the show will not be returning for a third season. 

Jinx Vs. The Human World

Oridinarily, this would have been a decent season finale, though it was a bit of a rehash of the first season finale. However, it was so grossly overshadowed by the series finale that arrived right after it that it basically canceled itself right out.

Scratch, once again avoiding his chairman duties, has made a dummy version of himself to sit with the Ghost Council and approve or disapprove of new decisions for the ghost world. Pervasive antagonist Jinx has returned once again, coming up with a lie to get the Ghost Council out of the room, leaving her alone with Scratch to exact some kind of revenge.

But again, Scratch isn’t actually there. Jinx discovers this and that he used the actual, all-powerful, Chairman’s Robe on his dummy, which has now been left unattended and alone with Jinx. So, guess what happens next.

Yep, attempting to pay homage to her inspo, the original chairman, she takes hold of the chairman’s robe and takes over the ghost world. But she wants to do more than he did, and now, take over the living world as well.

Scratch realizes what a huge mistake he has made, and attempts to stop her – using the same tricks we know from last season. Don’t come for me, they say this themselves. Molly’s Joy is what overpowered the chairman last time, surely it will work again. But hey, remember those sobgoblins from earlier in the series? Those are back now and under the control of Jinx, who sends them to attack Molly and suck out her overwhelming amounts of happiness and optimism.

Similar to last season though, it’s not just Molly that becomes a wraith to enter the Ghost World, but rather the entire team of friends – Daryl, Libby, Ollie, and June – ready to take on the sobgoblins and Jinx. It doesn’t go well. Molly gets stuck in the ghost world, being tormented by Jinx, allowing the sobgoblins to grow bigger and stronger, ready to invade the human world.

The human kids get back to their human form, and they know what they have to do to get ready for the ghost world takeover — they need ghost hunters.

June and Ollie come clean to their dad and reveal that they have become friends with a number of ghosts. Petrified, the Chen parents don’t believe them and think that they have been brainwashed. Alas, they are not and introduce them to one of the ghosts they know… Geoff. But, Ruben already knows him. Turns out, Geoff is the one that scared Ruben back in the day, and Geoff realizes this too apologizing profusely because it was a misunderstanding based on his allergies.

Molly, who has been held captive at the Chairman’s desk with Jinx (who is now terrorizing the human world), is approached by the Ghost Council, who start speaking highly of the job Scratch did as chairman, especially when compared to Jinx. Her friend being complemented fills her with the joy she so desperately needs.

Thanks to the help of the ghost council, Molly breaks free and heads back to the human world to reunite with her body. From there, we see that the Sobgoblins are in Brighton, running rampant, and Jinx is fully turning it into her own city. Desperate to stop them, ghosts we’ve seen from earlier in the series have returned, and Scratch is noticing that the Sobgoblins have been overeating– meaning they’re about to be out of their way.

Now, it’s everyone vs. Jinx, but how does one beat the all-powerful chairman? Remove the chairman’s robe of course. But all the ghosts are already overpowered— except for one friend everyone seems to have forgotten about: Ghost Shark!

He comes flying out of nowhere and removes the robe, making her vulnerable to the Chen family’s traps, including the phantom canister. Though June needed that one last bit to get it working, Daryl (who ran off earlier in the episode) returns with what they need, saving the day and allowing the trap to work, ensnaring Jinx in the canister forever.

Scratch is now the chairman once again, but he doesn’t want to be. He instead, since he makes the rules, orders the robe to find whoever it deems worthy enough to wear it to be the next chairman, and we see the robe fly off as the title card returns.

That would have been a heck of a season finale, sure, but there was one last episode that nullifies everything, because it is apparently the last episode of The Ghost and Molly McGee.


For all the good that the McGee family did for Brighton, they are finally getting an award: the Bronze turnip. This is all part of a festival where Geoff and Scratch have their eyes set on one thing – Funnel cake. Using their ghostly skills, the pair of friends possess some of the festival-goers so they can enjoy the snack goodies. While doing this, the funnel cakes bring forth a flood of memories for Scratch, and he remembers more of his human life than ever before, including his friend Adia.

Of course, he reports back to Molly with this info, and soon the McGee home is filled with funnel cakes as Molly is trying to get every last bit of info out of him. Turns out, Scratch was some kind of world adventurer, traveling the globe and going on crazy globe-trotting excursions. But there is one main question that remains unanswered: How did Scratch die?

For that, we might have an easier time getting an answer. As it turns out, his friend Adia is still alive and well and sharing her adventures on Clik Clok. So Molly sets up a video interview with Adia under the guise of a piece for the Brighton Bugle.

She is on a ship somewhere in the world so the signal is cutting in and out, and of course, it's cutting out at the important parts. What we do get is that Scratch was a nickname (because of his nervous scratching of his arms, but we don’t get a real name. But the bigger shock comes when Molly asks how Scratch died, and through the broken signal we can barely make out that she is confused at the news that Scratch is dead.

Right on cue, Libby appears  in her full detective gear, is on the case and knows what’s up. Scratch isn’t dead. Similar to how the kids in the last episode were able to enter the ghost world, it seems that Scratch is a wraith, and somewhere out there his human form is wandering around, without a soul.

Libby and Ollie have the evidence, thanks to June’s hacking skills and her ability to access every security camera in town. In their delicious lust for Funnel Cake, Scratch and Jeff were possessing different people, and Scratch had that surge of memory, because one of the people he possessed was his alive, soul-less self – a man named Todd Mortenson. All those memories came back because he went in and out of his original body. Scratch knows it’s true. And all those world adventures, those were imaginary. His trepidation and timidness to not join his closest friend on her travels and instead stay home and work all the time (remember that recent episode where there is a big monkey in a tie?) caused him to die without dying. After all, life is worth living. Now get ready for a sad song about one’s soul slipping away.

This news is obviously depressing, and Scratch angrily flies away, saying that maybe he couldn’t remember his life because there was nothing worth remembering. This causes a search for Scratch, not only in the human world, but in the ghost world as well. After all their attempts, Molly knows where he might be and goes and finds him outside his own house, where his soul-less self is just watching TV.

Get ready for the emotional moment that nobody saw coming as Molly convinces him to go back and live his life, and has to say goodbye. After all, if someone dead can’t remember their life, then the inverse must be true as well. After a heartfelt goodbye that will make many fans of the series have some kind of emotional response, Scratch rings the doorbell of his home, and when Todd answers it, he jumps back into his body.

White light fills the screen and then we see Todd happily walking down the street, ready to join his friend Adia on all of her travels. While on this walk, he encounters many Brighton residents he should remember, each doing something to hopefully jog a memory … to no avail.

Finally, he approaches the bus stop and sees Molly, and though we think there is excitement to see her, it's actually over a lucky penny he found near her. The two hold a friendly conversation, and Todd gets on the bus and uses the word “Enhappify” before calling her “Moll,” something that should never have happened considering she never said her name. So something got in there after all.

Tragically, this is the last episode of the series so any questions that this might have raised will go unanswered.

A sad Molly McGee is comforted by her parents, but she knows thanks to that that she has had some kind of impact on him. Afterward, we are treated to a special end credits sequence where we get to see Todd living his life, and eventually reuniting with his friend Adia.

You can check out this final episode now below, or on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW, and eventually on Disney+.

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