Marvel’s Brad Winderbaum Confirms Nova Project is in Early Development

Marvel executive Brad Winderbaum has confirmed that a project based on the popular character known as Nova is in early development.

  • In an interview with's Phase Zero podcast, Winderbaum discussed the upcoming debut of  X-Men ‘97 and the plans for Ironheart.
  • The most exciting portion of the conversation though focused on the long-rumore Nova project, which we first leared of almost two years ago.
  • Winderbaum stoked the fires of excitement for that project by confirming that it is, in fact, in early development.
  • He did however also explain that Marvel is developing more than what will actually make it to our screens, so it’s not a sure thing we’ll see Nova in the MCU anytime soon.
    • "We love Nova. We are in really early development on Nova. We have a new system behind the scenes at Marvel Studios. We're more like a traditional studio now. We are developing more than we actually will produce. So, there are plans to develop Nova. I love Nova too. I love Rich Rider too. I hope it gets to the screen. You know, the world is chaos. There's always things. It's hard to make anything. You've got to kind of conjure these things to make them happen, But, I would like to see a Nova show one day."
  • Richard Rider a.k.a. Nova first appeared in an 1966 issue of Super Adventures as a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps, for which he gained superhuman abilities including enhanced strength, flight and resistance to injury.
Mike Mack
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