Product Review: Citizen’s New Imperial Stormtrooper Watch Keeps Perfect Time… for the Dark Side

Today Citizen revealed its new Imperial Stormtrooper watch in conjunction with Lucasfilm’s “Imperial March” Star Wars merchandising campaign, and– Surprise!– Laughing Place was (temporarily) sent one of these very cool watches to check out ahead of time.

As you can see by the photos below, I was even able to bring the new Imperial Stormtrooper watch to Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu (in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland) and show it off to some First Order Stormtroopers– who admired the dedication to their Imperial forebearers.

Admittedly I haven’t worn a real watch in a very long time, but I could tell just by the brief amount of time that I’ve spent with Citizen’s Imperial Stormtrooper model that it is of an extremely high quality and tells perfect time, with the addition of a display for the day of the month. The design features three Stormtrooper helmets against a grid-like backdrop that’s reminiscent of some of the technical readouts we’ve seen aboard the various ships in the Star Wars franchise. There’s also a small Imperial insignia centered just above the helmets to remind us which faction we truly hold allegiance to. The band is a secure-feeling silicone, and on the reverse of the watch itself there’s another Stormtrooper helmet with the Citizen and Star Wars logos emblazoned above it.

Beyond a look that will appeal to any Star Wars fan who leans toward the dark side, one of the coolest features of this watch is that it never needs a battery, as according to Citizen “it’s sustainably powered by any light with Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology.” That along with the luminous numbers, hands, and helmets, make this watch advantageous in any situation in which you might need to know the time at a quick glance– all while being reminded of your favorite space-opera franchise and the baddies who dare stand up on the front lines against the Rebel Alliance.

Citizen’s Imperial Stormtrooper watch is available now at the company’s official website.

Mike Celestino
Mike serves as Laughing Place's lead Southern California reporter, Editorial Director for Star Wars content, and host of the weekly "Who's the Bossk?" Star Wars podcast. He's been fascinated by Disney theme parks and storytelling in general all his life and resides in Burbank, California with his beloved wife and cats.