RSVLTS Joins “Imperial March” with Five New Designs in their Star Wars Dark Side Collection

“Imperial March” has arrived and that means the Dark Side is on the move. Right now they’re taking up residence at RSVLTS (The Roosevelts) as the fashion lifestyle brand has been Forced to introduce a new collection of Star Wars apparel featuring the galactic baddies.

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What’s Happening:

  • You can run, but you can’t hide from the Dark Side of the Force! RSVLTS x Star Wars is turning sinister for a bit as they spotlight the Imperials across five new designs that are available in classic Kunuflex button downs, hybrid shorts and some Kunu Koolers (koozies) too.

  • If your mantras are “Lords of the Sith” or “Unlimited Power” then you’re going to love “The Empire Wuz Here.” This button down shirt is all black, then decorated with red and blue street-art style images of Darth Vader, The Emperor, the Death Star and more.

  • Hiring a Bounty Hunter to do your dirty work is second nature to Imperials and “Any Method Necessary” rounds ups some of the most infamous creatures around. Let’s see, we spot Boba Fett, Bossk, Zuckuss and the rest of the gang from The Empire Strikes Back on this colorful Kunuflex button down.

  • Jumping to a more recent appearance, we have “Thrawn's Pawns” a pattern made up of Stormtroopers including Captain Enoch who were featured in Star Wars: Ahsoka. Joining them on the pocket for a cameo appearance is none other than the blue-skinned Chiss himself, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

  • Quite Operational,” gives us the schematics of deadly transport vehicles like AT-ATs, Star Destroyers, and even TIE Fighters. Oh did we mention the Death Star? Yep it’s here too and just looking at these literal blueprints has our skin crawling!
  • Finally, we come to The Force and The Phantom where Darth Maul faces off against a slightly unprepared Qui Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Lightsabers are aloft, sneaky ships are in the distance, and we’re going to call this a win for the Dark Side.

  • The new wave of the RSVLTS x Star Wars Collection launches today at 4pm ET on the RSVLTS site.
  • All shirt styles are traditional button down, made with KUNUFLEX material (soft, stretchy, never shrinks or fades) and come in sizes XS-4XL for adults ($70).
  • Select styles in the collection will also be available in cuts for Ladies sizes XS-4XL ($70), Youth sizes XS-2XL ($45), Preschool sizes 2T-5T ($39) as well as Hybrid Shorts sizes S-4XL ($65), and Kunu Koolers ($6).

The Empire Wuz Here

Thrawn's Pawns

Any Method Necessary

Quite Operational

The Force and The Phantom

Did You Know?:

  • Since 2012, RSVLTS has been bringing the best elements of pop culture to fans with awesome apparel and accessories inspired by dozens of favorite franchises. Their clothes are comfortable, super easy to care for and really cool!

All photos courtesy of RSVLTS

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