Toy Fair 2023: Disney Doorables in Technicolor from Just Play

The company’s name is Just Play, and I certainly felt like a child again while visiting their booth at Toy Fair this year. These visionary toy makers shrunk me down to the size of a toy for a thoroughly magical experience. We begin this overview by walking through the door of Disney Doorables, the collectible blind box mini figure phenomenon. Series 10 coincided with Disney100, and fans will already be aware that only 100 of this limited edition Mickey Mouse figure were made. Well, maybe there are 101 if you count this life-size version.

I got a first look at some of the upcoming Disney Doorables releases, including a “multi-peek” behind some of these closed doors. But first, let’s examine what’s already visible.

Disney’s Wish comes to theaters on November 22nd, and Disney Doorables can add 9 characters from the animated musical to their collection with these themed collection.

Since Disney Doorables are small, you can take them anywhere! That was the premise with the Let’s Go collection, and Series 2 is about to set off for even more destinations around the world including international destinations, exploring, a dude ranch, a cruise, and around the world. Where will Disney Doorables take you?

Speaking of going anywhere, the Disney Doorables Let’s Go series expands with a new wave of Road Trip Vehicles. These blind boxes come with one figure and vehicle.

Squish’Alots add a squishy quality to Disney Doorables, and Series 2 is coming next spring.

I got to take a spin on a gimbal machine and receive an early Squish’Alots figure. Who was in my capsule?

Zero! Jack Skellington’s ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas with his adorable pumpkin nose. I think this means more characters from Halloweentown will be in this new series. Because the capsule I got was pink, I got to open the pink door on the display case first. What was behind it?

Disney Doorables Technicolor! This limited edition series is full of brand new characters, including the Disney Doorables debut of Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers. There will also be characters from Pixar’s newest hit, Elemental, when the line launches in Spring.

Behind the double-purple doors were more Disney Doorables Technicolor figures. The core of the series is comprised of returning favorites in bright and translucent colors.

In addition to sparkly eyes, these variants reflect light in a way that really makes them pop when you display them.

Behind the yellow door was a look at more of the figures included in Squish’Alots Series 2. I’ve spotted characters from Dumbo, Alice in Womderland, 101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh, The Aristocats, Aladdin, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, Pocahontas, Hercules, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Big Hero 6, and Moana. There also appear to be color-variant versions of characters, similar to the Technicolor series.

Just Play is also a leader in animated plush characters for preschoolers. A larger than life Minnie Mouse Butterfly Ballerina showcased the beauty of this singing and dancing plush. As she sings the song “Just Like a Butterfly,” her tutu magically spins around her waist.

And from Disney Junior’s recent Mickey Mouse Funhouse dinosaur special, kids will have a blast with the Roarin’ Safari Dino, which comes with Safari figures of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck. A lever in the T-Rex’s back opens and closes its mouth, and it also makes sound.

Stepping away from the worlds of Disney, I finally figured out how to get to Sesame Street! Elmo was there to greet me.

New this year is the Elmo Slide Plush, an interactive dancing and singing toy that gets kids moving and grooving to the “Elmo Slide.” It even includes a response game, “Elmo Says!”

Rounding out Just Play’s showcase is a new fashion doll line called Style BAE. What sets these dolls apart from similar fashion dolls, like Barbie, is that their bodies are one-dimensional. All of the fashions are static cling!

If you’ve ever had a child get frustrated while trying to dress their 12-inch doll, Style BAE is here to save the day. They still have three-dimensional beads with long hair and accessories to style it.

There are four characters in the introductory line, each of which comes with 7 trendy outfits based on their themes like Y2K, K-Pop, Pop Punk, and Streetwear.

There are so many fun things on the horizon from Just Play, including more toys from Disney’s Wish, including a mini collectible plush line and a walking Valentino plush.

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