Toy Fair 2023: Disney’s “Wish” Toys from Jakks Pacific (Singing Asha Doll, Interactive Valentino, Costumes)

Jakks Pacific and Disguise are bringing the magic of Disney’s Wish home this holiday season. The film doesn’t arrive in theaters until November 22nd, but with the trailer already breaking records, parents thinking ahead to the gift-giving season may want to shop early. These upcoming products were unveiled today at Toy Fair, and we got to see an interactive demonstration of how they all work.

The song from the trailer, “This Wish,” is included with the Singing Asha Doll, who also comes with Star and Valentino. In addition to singing, this 14-inch doll says phrases from the film, performed by Ariana DeBose. The doll’s hair also features hand-braided locks.

Valentino the goat is a real scene stealer in addition to being adorable. The Magical Moving and Talking Valentino blinks and moves its mouth. It’s legs are poseable, so he can sit or stand. Accessories include a light-up Star, which interacts with Valentino when pressed against his cheek, plus a carrot and ball of yarn for him to chew on. Voiced by Alan Tudyk, Valentino talks, but also gleets when you pet his head.

Kids will feel like Asha with the Interactive Star and Satchel. The bag is able to hook onto a belt, like the one included with the Disguise Asha dress (below). Star lights up and plays magic sounds and comes with a ball of yarn and yarn glasses (it will make sense when you see the film).

From Disguise comes kids costumes of both Asha and Valentino. Perfect for dress-up play and Halloween, both costumes are perfect for a sister and brother.


Since Wish is literally about wishing on a star, kids can keep their wishes safe in Asha’s Musical Wishing Keepsake Box. Star glows as Asha sings. The drawer contains a marker and cards for kids to write their wishes on, and the box interacts when new ones are added. It’s pure magic all around.

Themed to Disney’s 100th anniversary, Wish is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser for both kids and adults who grew up on a healthy dose of Disney magic. These interactive playline products from Jakks Pacific and Disguise allow families to bring the magic of the movie home in meaningful ways. You’ll soon see them on store shelves, all of which are likely to be added to children’s wish lists this holiday season.

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Alex Reif
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