Ravensburger Announces “Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway” Standalone Learn-to-Play Product, Reveals Release Dates for More “Disney Lorcana” Chapters

Despite Disney Lorcana already being a runaway hit, Ravensburger is looking to bring more players into the fold. This summer, the company will release a standalone product called Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway aimed at newcomers and TCG beginners.

What’s happening:

  • Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway will be a progressive learn-to-play experience that’s designed to not only ease new players into the game itself but also into TCG space.
  • Described as the ultimate beginner’s introduction to the Disney Lorcana, the set will include
    • Two 30-card basic Disney Lorcana decks
    • A two-player game board with character standees, rules and player’s guides
    • Additional cards that players will be rewarded to add to their decks as they learn about the card types and gameplay.
  • When players have played through all of Gateway, they will have built two standard Disney Lorcana decks that can be played.
  • Gateway will be released on August 9th, 2024 and will retail for $24.99 USD and $29.99 CAD.
  • The two-player game is intended for ages 8+
  • In addition to this news, Ravensburger has also announced release dates for the next chapters of Disney Lorcana arriving this year:

Current Lorcana release schedule:

  • Into the Inklands: February 23, 2024, at local game stores, Disney Parks; March 8, 2024, at mass retail and shopDisney.
  • To Be Announced (May 2024): May 17, 2024, at local game stores, Disney Parks; May 31, 2024, at mass retail and shopDisney.
  • To Be Announced (August 2024): August 9th, 2024, at local game stores, Disney Parks; August 23, 2024, at mass retail and shopDisney.
  • Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway: August 9th, 2024
  • To Be Announced (November 2024): November 15, 2024, at local game stores, Disney Parks; November 29, 2024, at mass retail and shopDisney.

What they’re saying:

  • Filip Francke, Global Head of Games at Ravensburger: “Disney Lorcana TCG has struck a chord with players, collectors and fans around the world and we’re so grateful for the support. It has proven to be a fantastic entry point for first-time TCG players, and we will continue to do everything in our power to make the product available at MSRP pricing. As we move into 2024, we will continue to support our growing and diverse community through new discoveries for collectors, organized play and competitive events for players and new products that help beginning fans take their first steps into trading card games. We’re only just getting started, but consumer feedback and industry data supports our belief that this game will be around for a very long time.”

Kyle Burbank
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