The Animated Series “Archer” Expands Availability So Spectrum Customers Can Watch the 14th Season

According to Deadline, there's a new way for those with Spectrum cable to watch Archer.

What's Happening:

  • If you have Spectrum cable but not Hulu, there is a new way that you can watch the FXX animated series Archer for its 14th and final season.
  • The comedy has expanded availability by making episodes available post-premiere on VOD systems for the FX and FXX linear channels.
  • This is after the new agreement between Disney and Spectrum, which came together after 10 days of interrupted service.
  • This included the drop of eight different Disney ad-supported cable networks from all Spectrum platforms.
  • With Spectrum being the number two cable operator in the United States, FXX and the other discontinued networks are losing close to 20% of their reach, which means many have lost access to Archer.
  • The flagship FX network is still on Spectrum, so fans can watch the final episodes through that network’s VOD function.
  • The first four episodes of the 14th season are being made available on VOD for subscribers to the linear FX and FXX channels everywhere.
  • A new episode of Archer will air today, September 20.
  • Nothing has been confirmed yet, but FX executives will most likely make decisions for the other popular FXX original series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Tricia Kennedy
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