It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Guide

Original Series

Five friends with big egos and slightly arrogant attitudes are the proprietors of an Irish pub in Philadelphia.

The 14th Season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia guns for the Best 14th Season accolade as the Gang goes to extremes for the role – Mac learns a new language, Charlie does a period piece, Dennis attempts a one-act play, Dee cuts her hair, and Frank performs a death scene.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode List

Season 14

1011/20/2019Waiting for Big MoIn this spoof of Waiting for Godot, Dennis and Charlie stand guard at their laser tag base waiting to ambush their enemy, Big Mo, but Dennis has doubts about why they play laser tag and whether or not the victory is worth it.
911/20/2019A Woman’s Right to ChopWhen a trendy new hair salon opens up right next door to Paddy’s, Dennis and Frank go on the offensive to stop women from cutting off their hair. Meanwhile, Mac is reunited with his childhood dog Poppins..
811/13/2019Paddy’s Has a JumperTrapped inside Paddy’s with a suicide jumper on the roof, the Gang wonders if they should bother intervening with an algorithm of their own – Could he, would he, should we? the second half hour, Dennis and Charlie stand guard at the entrance to their laser tag base waiting to ambush the legendary “Big Mo,” but Dennis begins to ponder the reasons they play laser tag and if their pursuit of a victory is worth their effort.
711/6/2019The Gang Solves Global WarmingAs a record-breaking heat wave overtakes Philly, the Gang plans to profit from global warming by pumping up the A/C so people will congregate at Paddy’s and save energy at home.
610/30/2019The Janitor Always Mops TwiceIn the black-and-white noir world of his memory, Charlie navigates the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia as Frank has been “diarrhea poisoned,” and it’s up to Charlie to clean up the mess.
510/23/2019The Gang TextsDuring their trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, Mac sets up a text group chain for The Gang, but confusion sets in and The Gang must learn from the meerkats on how to communicate properly in a group.
410/16/2019The Gang ChokesAnnoyed that the Gang failed to react as he nearly choked to death on an appetizer, Frank decides the Waiter, his savior, is the only person who has his back.
310/9/2019Dee DayThe Guys are in the final preparation stage for an unknown scheme when Dee excitedly enters to inform them that today is “Dee Day.” The guys have to do everything she wants without complaint.
210/2/2019Thunder Gun 4: Maximum CoolThe Gang finds themselves in the middle of a focus group after a screening of Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool. They are determined to restore glory and traditional American values back into the franchise, even if it involves sabotage.
19/25/2019The Gang Gets RomanticMac concocts a scheme to attract single women to Airbnb Dennis’ bedroom, while Frank and Charlie concoct similar plans to attract young, European coeds. But neither ad attracts their intended target.

Season 13

1011/7/2018Mac Finds His PrideFrank tries to recruit Mac for the gang’s kickass float for the Gay Pride Parade. It dawns on Frank that Mac will never be secure with his sexual identity unless he comes out to his father.
910/31/2018The Gang Wins the Big GameIt’s the most important weekend of their lives and Frank has treated the gang and a crew of their ragtag hangers-on with tickets to see the Eagles in the Super Bowl!
810/24/2018Charlie’s Home AloneIt’s the weekend of Super Bowl LII from Charlie’s perspective. While Charlie searches the back office, Cricket steals the suit leaving Charlie home alone to defend himself.
710/17/2018The Gang Does A Clip ShowWith nothing to do while their phones update to the latest software, the gang decides to reminisce on old times. As everyone misremembers events from their past, the gang’s current reality becomes altered.
610/10/2018The Gang Solves The Bathroom ProblemJimmy Buffett is in town and the positive vibes are alive at the bar. But when Mac comes out of the women’s bathroom, no one can leave until the bathroom situation is solved.
510/3/2018The Gang Gets New WheelsDee gets in with a group of cool, rich housewives. Dennis hits it off with some everyday blue-collar bros. Frank struggles to renew his license, and Charlie and Mac deal with a new generation of bicycle bullies.
49/26/2018Time’s Up For The GangPaddy’s has been put on a list of bars that are sexually hostile to women, and the gang must attend a sexual harassment seminar to get off the list.
39/19/2018The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies RebootTo one-up the guys, Dee has organized an “all-female reboot” of the Wade Boggs challenge on a first-of-its-kind, all-female flight headed to L.A. for the women’s march.
29/12/2018The Gang EscapesTo boost productivity, Dee hires an at-home “Escape Room Experience” service to come to Dennis and Mac’s apartment. Will they escape? Who will get the credit? What could go wrong?
19/5/2018The Gang Makes Paddy’s Great AgainMeet Cindy, the new, ethnically diverse female member of the gang who can successfully pull off scams. Everything is working until Mac introduces a new member: a life-like sex doll that looks exactly like Dennis.

Season 12

103/8/2017Dennis’ Double LifeDennis reveals he has a baby after his Wade Boggs layover in North Dakota and the gang try to help him get out of the jam, but their suggestions border on the extreme.
93/1/2017A Cricket’s TaleWe get to see a typical day in Cricket’s world and then a possible redemption when his family intervenes. Will Cricket finally move on from the gang, finding love in the process? Will Cricket go from filthy beast to his former self, Matthew Mara?
82/22/2017The Gang Tends BarIt’s Valentine’s Day and Paddy’s is packed with customers. Dennis implores the gang to do one day of actual work but everyone else is distracted by a mystery crate Cricket spotted in the alley. Eventually, the gang becomes convinced Dennis really wants them to work on their relationships and everyone shares their grievances without much resolution.
72/15/2017PTSDeeDee dates a male stripper and tries to prove her worth after learning she’s his “rock bottom.” Elsewhere: Mac and Frank get sucked into a VR war game, leading Mac to develop a case PTSD.
62/8/2017Hero or Hate Crime?The gang fight over a lottery ticket and seek out an arbitrator to decide a rightful owner, who also decides if Frank is a hero or hate monger.
52/1/2017Making Dennis Reynolds a MurdererA cat-woman is killed and Dennis becomes the main suspect.
41/25/2017Wolf Cola: A Public Relations NightmareFranks Fluids LLC is in big trouble after a news segment. Dee and Dennis help with the PR nightmare and Charlie and Mac work on a scheme to make Fight Milk the official drink of the UFC.
31/18/2017Old Lady House: A Situation ComedyCharlie thinks Mac’s mom is holding his mom hostage so the gang installs spy cameras in their house. They discover the moms are quite entertaining once Dennis makes edits to the footage.
21/11/2017The Gang Goes to a Water ParkThe gang takes a trip to a local waterpark. Dennis takes on a protégé. Frank and Charlie are determined to ride every ride. Mac and Dee get stuck in a tube slide.
11/4/2017The Gang Turns BlackAfter an electric heating blanket shorts out while the gang watches the Wiz they look in the mirror and realize they’ve turned black. They have to figure out how to get back to being themselves by going through all the classic body switch movie shenanigans they encounter.

Season 11

103/9/2016The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two
93/2/2016The Gang Goes to HellThe gang tries to take a vacation from their usual dynamic by going on a cruise, but old habits die hard.
82/24/2016Charlie Catches a LeprechaunDennis tries to create an innovative mobile Paddy’s pub experience but runs into trouble when customers refuse to cooperate, while Charlie and Mac attempt to catch a thieving leprechaun.
72/17/2016McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the CenturyOld grievances bubble to the surface when The Lawyer agrees to sue Bill Ponderosa on behalf of the Liam McPoyle and his lost eye.
62/10/2016Being FrankThe gang have a new scheme and Frank tries to keep up.
52/3/2016Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs
41/27/2016Dee Made a Smut FilmDennis and Dee film an adaptation of Dennis’ erotic memoirs while Frank and Mac try to pass off Charlie as a gifted artist for financial gain.
31/20/2016The Gang Hits the SlopesDennis and Frank square off against Dee and Mac for control of the mountain, while Charlie learns that the slopes have their own set of rules.
21/13/2016Frank Falls Out the WindowFrank falls out the window causing him to think it’s 2006, the gang approaches it as a do-over and attempts to fix their past mistakes.
11/6/2016Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric BoogalooThe gang agrees to a truce while demonstrating Chardee MacDennis for an interested board game executive, but the nature of the game quickly sends things off the rails

Season 10

103/18/2015Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult“Asskickers” isn’t just a hot new way to work out; it’s a way of life…and maybe a cult.
93/11/2015Frank RetiresFrank decides to retire; the foursome begin to plot and plan ways for each of them to take control of the bar.
83/4/2015The Gang Goes on Family FightWhen the gang appears on a nationally broadcasted game show, Dennis does his best to keep the gang’s weirdness under wraps.
72/25/2015Mac Kills His DadNews surfaces about Mac’s Dad, Luther, being a murder suspect. Mac goes into full “P.I.” mode to clear his father of any wrong doing.
62/18/2015The Gang Misses the BoatThe group separates from one another to find out who they are as individuals after another failed endeavor.
52/11/2015The Gang Spies Like U.S.Dennis and Mac enlist Dee to spy on the fish factory across the street, Charlie and Frank grow suspicious and decide to do some spying of their own. Written by David Hornsby; directed by Matt Shakman.
42/4/2015Charlie WorkCharlie goes into overdrive when he’s notified that the health inspector will be arriving that day. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is trying to exploit a flaw in the air-miles reward system. Written by David Hornsby; directed by Matt Shakman.
31/28/2015Psycho Pete ReturnsWhen Psycho Pete, long lost member of the freight train, is released from the mental hospital, Dennis and Dee rush to get him recommitted while Charlie and Mac attempt to restore him to his former hard-partying form.
21/21/2015The Gang Group DatesThe gang gets into the online dating scene to expand their matchmaking potential.
11/14/2015The Gang Beats BoggsMac oversees the gang while they compete to break Wade Boggs’ legendary beer drinking record.

Season 9

1011/6/2013The Gang Squashes Their BeefsWhen some bad blood with old foes compromises their ideal Thanksgiving, the gang decides to make amends by breaking bread with those they’ve hurt.
910/30/2013The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6After creative differences over what constitutes tasteful nudity cause Frank to pull his money out of “Lethal Weapon 6” during filming, Mac, Dennis, and Charlie screen their rough footage for investors in hopes of raising enough capital to finish the production of their latest masterpiece.
810/23/2013Flowers for CharlieWhen an experiment successfully multiplies Charlie’s intellect and takes him away from the bar, the rest of the gang find themselves struggling to complete the menial “Charlie Work” that has kept the bar running for so long.
710/16/2013The Gang Gets QuarantinedThe gang voluntarily quarantine themselves inside of Paddy’s in an attempt to keep their singing voices pristine for an upcoming competition when a severe flu outbreak sweeps Philadelphia.
610/9/2013The Gang Saves the DayA routine trip to a convenience store places the gang in the middle of an armed robbery.
510/2/2013Mac DayEveryone in the gang gets a day to do what they want while everyone else in the gang must participate willingly. This is Mac’s Day… and its got twice the “Mac”.
49/25/2013Mac and Dennis Buy a TimeshareThe gang does their best to recoup their investments in questionable schemes by dumping their losses on Ben the soldier while trying to avoid being duped again by whatever mastermind is pulling their strings.
39/18/2013The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an AwardTired of failing to be recognized for their years of service in the bar industry, the gang changes their ways to give the patrons what they think they want.
29/11/2013Gun Fever Too: Still HotAfter Frank appears on Local Television advocating gun ownership, the rest of the gang takes a look at the ownership process and alternatives to find a common ground on this still heated issue.
19/4/2013The Gang Broke DeeThe gang attempts to cheer up a deeply depressed Dee, realizing they are the cause for her predicament.

Season 8

1012/20/2012Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal DefenseCourt is in session at Paddy’s Pub as Frank and Dennis present their cases to the rest of the gang, resulting in a verdict that will change their lives FOREVER… but not really.
912/13/2012The Gang Dines OutEvery member of The Gang has something to celebrate at Guigino’s, Philly’s finest eatery, but when Mac and Dennis’ private dinner is interrupted by an unexpected sighting of Frank and Charlie, the in-fighting begins. Dee also turns up at a table for one, and over the course of the night, the “one-ups-manship” soars to new heights.
812/6/2012Charlie Rules the WorldAfter slipping into an unhealthy obsession with computer games, The Gang wrestles to define the difference between the real and the virtual worlds.
711/29/2012Frank’s Back in BusinessWith Charlie under his wing, Frank cleans up so he can get his hands dirty and help out his old company with one last big merger. An unwritten rule of the bar gets the rest of the gang caught up in a case of mistaken identity.
611/15/2012Charlie’s Mom Has CancerMac, Charlie and Dee struggle with their faith as Charlie’s mom fights cancer. Meanwhile, Frank loses his memory amidst a search for buried treasure.
511/8/2012The Gang Gets AnalyzedThe Gang gets Freudian as they step into the therapist’s office to work through their mountain of issues, but when Dennis thinks he has everyone figured out, the shrink turns the tables on him and exposes the insanity in his unique brand of pop psychology.
411/1/2012Charlie and Dee Find LoveCharlie and Dee become romantically involved with two members of a wealthy family, which arouses jealousy in Mac, Dennis and Frank.
310/25/2012The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding MassacreThe gang make a disturbing discovery after crashing Maureen’s wedding.
210/18/2012The Gang Recycles Their TrashWith the garbage men of Philadelphia on strike, Frank concocts a plan to undercut the union and get the contract to collect the city’s trash.
110/11/2012Pop-Pop: The Final SolutionDennis and Dee’s ailing grandfather Pop-Pop is wasting away in the hospital, and they have to decide whether or not to pull the plug. But things get complicated when The Gang learns of Pop-Pop’s history as a Nazi, and Mac, Charlie and Frank set off in search of the old man’s spoils from the war.

Season 7

1312/15/2011The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge (2)The gang come up with a new plan to buff their tarnished high-school reputations at their reunion.
1212/8/2011The High School Reunion (1)The gang have much to prove when they attend their high-school reunion. They meet old friends and make new foes as they stroll down memory lane.
1112/1/2011Thunder Gun ExpressTraffic problems as a result of the President’s visit to Philadelphia makes it difficult for the gang to see the summer’s biggest film, “Thunder Gun Express”.
1011/17/2011How Mac Got FatStep inside the confession booth with Mac as he tells a befuddled priest why his fatness is the fault of the other members of The Gang.
911/10/2011The Gang Gets TrappedThe Gang’s plan to “extract” an “artifact” from a residence is jeopardized when the owners turn out to be home. Having not been noticed on the way in, they must make a plan to get the same result for the way out.
811/3/2011The ANTI-Social NetworkThe gang uses the Internet to cyber-stalk their prey. Frank tries to drum up business for Paddy’s with a viral video.
710/27/2011Chardee MacDennis: The Game of GamesThe gang plays the most twisted board game ever. Dee and Dennis face Mac, Charlie and Frank.
610/20/2011The Storm of the CenturyAs a hurricane threatens Philadelphia, Mac, Dennis and Charlie go to a mall to buy supplies and check out the large breasted TV reporter broadcasting from there, while Frank and Dee prepare Paddy’s, and its basement bunker, for the storm.
510/13/2011Frank’s BrotherWhen Frank’s long lost brother Gino shows up at the bar, the two of them tell the gang about the jazz club they ran in the 1960s and 70s, and how they fell out over Shadynasty, a singer who was the love of both of their lives.
410/6/2011Sweet Dee Gets AuditedDee faces an IRS audit over her claim that the baby she carried as a surrogate is her dependent, while the guys decide to run the bar in an unemotional, democratic manner rather than their typical method of shouting and personal attacks.
39/29/2011Frank Reynolds’ Little BeautiesFrank finds himself in the child beauty-pageant business and fears that people might think that he’s in it for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Dee wages war on stage moms, and Mac, Dennis and Charlie think they have found a contestant to back.
29/22/2011The Gang Goes to the Jersey ShoreDee and Dennis take the gang to their favorite childhood vacation spot where things aren’t quite how they remember. While Dee and Dennis see the seedy side of the Jersey Shore, Mac, Frank and Charlie have the nights of their lives.
19/15/2011Frank’s Pretty WomanWith Frank intent on marrying a prostitute, The Gang tries to make the best of it by attempting an image makeover to uncover the heart of gold that exists deep inside Frank’s “pretty woman.”

Season 6

1312/16/2010A Very Sunny ChristmasAfter years of being mistreated by Frank during the holiday season, Dennis and Dee decide to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie reflect on their childhood Christmases, and realize that they were not as joyous and wonderful as they remembered.
1212/9/2010Dee Gives BirthDee’s blessed event is fast approaching but the father’s identity remains a mystery—to the gang, at least. So they throw a party and invite all of Dee’s former flings.
1112/2/2010The Gang Gets Stranded in the WoodsEn route to Atlantic City for a charity event, Mac, Frank and Dee get lost. Meanwhile, Dennis and Charlie hitch a ride to town.
1011/18/2010Charlie Kelly: King of the RatsKeeping the basement rodent-free drives Charlie to the brink. The gang throws Charlie a surprise party.
911/11/2010Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s YouthMotivated by the drama teacher who inspired her, Dee takes a job as a substitute teacher, and exposes her students to the culture of Paddy’s with a field trip to see the Gang’s take on the Lethal Weapon series: Lethal Weapon 5.
811/4/2010The Gang Gets a New MemberA blast from the past prompts the guys to expand membership, and Dee to re-consider her future.
710/28/2010Who Got Dee PregnantThe gang gets a real scare after Dee reveals she’s pregnant, forcing the guys to recall their last hazy Halloween party to determine who the father is.
610/21/2010Mac’s Mom Burns Her House DownMac’s mother is left homeless after she burns down her house, which leaves Charlie and Mac with no choice but to make new living arrangements; when Dee feels under the weather, Frank tries to muster his paternal instincts to care for her.
510/14/2010Mac and Charlie: White TrashRejected from a pool club, Mac and Charlie set out fix an abandoned pool to help cope with the Philly heat wave. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee go about dealing with the heat in a different way.
410/7/2010Mac’s Big BreakMac finally gets his big break after correctly answering a trivia question on the radio. While Frank, Dennis, and Dee take their bar-banter to the internet with their own podcast.
39/30/2010The Gang Buys a BoatThe gang attempts to find adventure on the sea after they purchase their ‘new’ boat.
29/23/2010Dennis Gets DivorcedMarital bliss turns into business, as the gang experiences the emotional and economic hardships of divorce.
19/16/2010Mac Fights Gay MarriageMac defends traditional marriage, while the rest of the gang reaps the rewards of wedded bliss.

Season 5

1212/10/2009The Gang Reignites the RivalryAfter being banned for 10 years from a local drinking competition appropriately named “Flipadelphia,” the gang tries to reignite their old rivalry with another local bar. Finding that they are in need of some serious practice, the guys head to Dennis’ old fraternity house at the University of Pennsylvania to get their game up to speed while Dee hones her skills on her own. Frank wears skinny pants.
1112/3/2009Mac and Charlie Write a MovieWhen Dee gets a part in the new M. Night Shyamalan film, Mac and Charlie seize a chance to pitch their movie script.
1011/19/2009The D.E.N.N.I.S. SystemDennis reveals his foolproof system for seducing any woman to the rest of the gang, but they don’t grasp the concept.
911/12/2009Mac and Dennis Break UpMac and Dennis decide that they need to spend some time away from each other. Meanwhile, Charlie helps Dee search for her cat.
811/5/2009Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten MittensThe gang decides to expand their business by developing a number of products that they could sell at Paddy’s pub.
710/29/2009The Gang Wrestles for the TroopsThe gang puts together a wrestling show for returning troops. Meanwhile, Dee finally meets the soldier that she has been communicating with over the internet.
610/22/2009The World Series DefenseThe gang describes the trials and tribulations they went through, during game five of the World Series, in hopes the judge will clear them of all the citations they received.
510/15/2009The Waitress Is Getting MarriedThe waitress is getting married, Dee is jealous that she’s beating her to the altar, so she tries to derail the wedding.
410/8/2009The Gang Gives Frank an InterventionFrank’s behavior is more bizarre than usual—so bizarre that even the gang notice—so they decide to stage an intervention.
310/1/2009The Great RecessionWith a shantytown taking shape outside, Mac and Dennis try to keep Paddy’s going in tough times. Meanwhile, Frank and Dee start a family business.
29/24/2009The Gang Hits the RoadThe gang tries to expand their horizons by going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon.
19/17/2009The Gang Exploits the Mortgage CrisisDennis, Mac, and Frank go into real estate, while Dee sets out to be a surrogate for a wealthy couple. Charlie gets into it with an attorney over the law.

Season 4

1311/20/2008The Nightman ComethIn the season finale, Charlie gets the gang to help him put together a rock opera based on his song “Nightman.”
1211/13/2008The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover EditionHoping to make their own dreams come true, the gang sets out to give an unexpected family an extreme home makeover.
1111/6/2008The Gang Cracks the Liberty BellThe gang fudge history by claiming that Paddy’s Pub was responsible for cracking the Liberty Bell in an attempt to turn their dive into a Philadelphia landmark.
1010/30/2008Sweet Dee Has a Heart AttackAfter Dee suffers a heart attack, she and Dennis try to live a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac take corporate jobs to get health insurance.
910/23/2008Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic LifeAfter discovering Dennis’ erotic memoir, Mac and Frank attempt to make some money off of it. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie decide to spend a day in each other’s shoes.
810/16/2008Paddy’s Pub: The Worst Bar in PhiladelphiaA newspaper critic is kidnapped by the gang after he calls Paddy’s pub the worst bar in Philadelphia.
710/9/2008Who Pooped the Bed?Charlie and Frank awake to find poop in their bed. Neither will confess to being the owner, so they, Mac, and Dennis try to scientifically deduce who dropped the deuce. Dee wants to do something a bit more sophisticated, so she invites the waitress and Artemis to a girls’ night out.
610/2/2008Mac and Charlie Die: Part TwoPart 2 of 2. Dennis, Frank, and Dee find unique ways of coping with the apparent loss of their friends.
510/2/2008Mac and Charlie Die: Part OnePart 1 of 2. Mac and Charlie fake their deaths to avoid the wrath of Mac’s father who was released from prison and is out for vengeance.
49/25/2008Mac’s Banging the WaitressCharlie finds out that the waitress has been seeing someone. He calls on Mac, his so-called best friend, to find out more information about the guy and to beat him up. However, it turns out that Mac is the guy the waitress has supposedly been seeing. Dennis, heartbroken that he’s not Charlie’s best friend, tries to win him over.
39/25/2008America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model ContestDue to the gang’s latest “business expenses,” Paddy’s is in dire need of money. Frank buys a billboard to advertise the bar, but Dee decides to create a viral video to post on YouTube for promotion. Charlie quickly joins her, leaving Frank and Mac to hold a contest for some hot models to feature on the billboard. Naturally, Dennis joins the competition to prove his worth.
29/18/2008The Gang Solves the Gas CrisisCharlie, Mac, and Dennis formulate a plan to take advantage of the rising gas prices. By purchasing excess amounts now, they can sell it in the future and profit. As usual, things don’t go as planned. Dee is also out to make money when she learns that Bruce is going to give the family fortune to a Muslim cultural center. She and Frank try to stop him and get the cash for themselves.
19/18/2008Mac and Dennis: ManhuntersCharlie and Dee have been stealing Frank’s delicious meats, so Frank leaves out human meat to get back at them. Driven by their cannibalistic needs, Charlie and Dee go in search of human flesh. Mac and Dennis harass Frank for hunting defenseless animals and think it would be much more badass to hunt something that could fight back … like a human.

Season 3

1511/15/2007The Gang Dances Their Asses OffIn the season finale, Charlie accidentally puts Paddy’s up as a prize for a dance marathon, which prompts the gang to enter the competition in order to save their bar.
1411/8/2007Bums: Making a Mess All Over the CityMac and Dee become vigilantes in order to remove the homeless from their neighborhood, while Frank and Dennis impersonate police officers.
1311/1/2007The Gang Gets Whacked: Part 2While paying off their debt to the mob, Charlie and Dee try to find a way to make fake cocaine in order to fool them, while Dennis ranks in thousands of dollars being pimped out at the local country club. Mac realizes his position as a mob informant isn’t being utilized to its full potential.
1211/1/2007The Gang Gets Whacked: Part 1After stumbling upon a kilo of cocaine, the gang is forced to pay off a $25,000 debt to the mob. Mac becomes a mob informant, while Frank pimps out Dennis as an escort at the local country club. Charlie stumbles upon an opportunity to sell illegal narcotics.
1110/25/2007Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex OffenderWhen Dennis is mistaken for a recently released child molester, he is more bothered by the fact that the guy is overweight rather than him being a sex offender. Meanwhile, Mac tries once again to bond with his ex-con father, who shows an interest in Dee.
1010/18/2007Mac Is a Serial KillerAfter Mac arrives to the bar with scratches on his neck and exhibiting strange behavior, Frank comes to the conclusion that he is the serial killer terrorizing young women in Philadelphia. Frank sets out with his trusty chainsaw and a doubtful Charlie to find evidence to implicate Mac in the murders. In search of another suspect, Dennis and Dee do a little role-playing in order to help themselves better understand who they might be dealing with.
910/11/2007Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded PersonDee gets involved with a famous local rapper who might be mentally challenged, and whose success inspires the rest of the gang to start a band.
810/4/2007Frank Sets Sweet Dee On FireMac teams up with Frank and Charlie to create a public access newscast after he misses his chance at fame in the news. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee try to make it big in the club scene.
710/4/2007The Gang Sells OutThe gang agrees to sell Paddys when they get an offer that is too good to refuse, but it forces the bar’s non-partners, Dee and Charlie to find new jobs.
69/27/2007The Gang Solves the North Korea SituationA Korean restaurant owner threatens to get Paddy’s kicked off the route for the city’s annual pub crawl. The gang’s response: War.
59/27/2007The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty MagooDee is shocked to learn that an overweight social outcast from her High School has become a rich and skinny fashion designer.
49/20/2007The Gang Gets Held HostageThe McPoyles hold the entire gang hostage at Paddys while Frank is busy searching for his will in the air ducts.
39/20/2007Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is DeadAfter Barbara’s death, Dee and Frank are unhappy to learn that she left them both out of the will, while Dennis inherits the mansion which he plans to turn into a party pad.
29/13/2007The Gang Gets InvincibleMac, Dennis and Dee try out for the Philadelphia Eagles. Also interested in becoming an Eagle is Liam and Ryan McPoyle’s brother, Doyle.
19/13/2007The Gang Finds A Dumpster BabyDennis joins up with an environmentalist group, but his altruistic intentions quickly sour when he’s snubbed by the activists. Dee and Mac decide to raise a baby they find in the dumpster, but quickly find out that it’s not nearly as fun as they thought it would be, and Frank and Charlie take the concept of recycling a bit too far.

Season 2

108/17/2006Dennis and Dee Get a New DadDee receives e-mails from a stranger claiming to be her and Dennis’ real father. Meanwhile, Mac decides to visit his father who is in prison.
98/10/2006Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s AssDennis and Mac make a decision to take away all rules concerning moral and behavioral etiquette at Paddy’s after an argument about the Constitution. Frank uses the decision and it’s following consequences to his own gain. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to convey his love for America by protesting while Dee attempts to reaffirm her goal of being an actress.
88/3/2006The Gang Runs for OfficeDriven by Frank’s insight into the world of politics, Dennis pursues a political career by running for office.
77/27/2006The Gang Exploits A MiracleMac and Dee become uncomfortable when the rest of the guys decide to make some extra money by exploiting the similarities between a water stain and the Virgin Mary. A reunion with someone from the past, stirs up forbidden feelings within Dee.
67/20/2006The Gang Gives BackAfter being arrested for arson the gang is sentenced to do community service. Frank makes an effort to connect more with Dennis. Meanwhile, Charlie is also ordered to attend AA where he makes a startling discovery that might be beneficial in his ongoing quest to hook up with the Waitress.
57/13/2006Hundred Dollar BabyFrank runs into an old adversary at the gym when he begins teaching Dee to box after she was robbed. Hoping to make some extra money on the side, Mac and Dennis make preparations for Charlie to compete in an underground street fighting match.
47/6/2006Mac Bangs Dennis’ MomBarbara hooks up with Mac to make Frank jealous, which leads to retaliation from Dennis.
37/6/2006Dennis and Dee Go on WelfareAfter quitting their job due to Frank’s continuing interference, Dennis and Dee decide to seek alternative income by going on welfare. Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie must now bear the consequences of their friends’ departures from the business.
26/29/2006The Gang Goes JihadWhen the gang learns that they are in danger of losing their bar due to a zoning mishap, they resort to some outlandish and extreme methods to prevent that from happening. Meanwhile, Frank isn’t too happy when his wife returns to town.
16/29/2006Charlie Gets CrippledAn accident that puts Charlie in a wheelchair opens up a window of possibilities for the gang. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee’s estranged father reenters their life in hopes of starting anew with his children and soon discovers that he enjoys the lifestyle of their friends.

Season 1

79/15/2005Charlie Got MolestedCharlie and Mac’s old high school gym teacher is accused of molestation.
69/8/2005The Gang Finds A Dead GuyMac and Dennis befriend a patron found dead at their bar in order to win the affection of his granddaughter.
58/30/2005Gun FeverThe guys buy a gun after the bar’s safe is stolen.
48/25/2005Charlie Has CancerAfter discovering that he might have cancer, Mac and Dennis attempt to find a woman who will sleep with Charlie. In the midst of their search, Mac falls in love with a transsexual he meets at the bar named Carmen. Overwhelmed by the extra workload that she had to take on since Charlie has taken a leave of absence, Dee tries to get Dennis to hire a recently out of work actress friend to help out.
38/18/2005Underage Drinking: A National ConcernAfter reminiscing about high school, the guys conclude that it would be a public service if they allowed teens to drink in the bar, thus providing a safe and controlled environment for teens to party. Feeling that she missed out on a lot as a teenager due to having to wear a brace for her scoliosis, Dee begins dating a high school jock.
28/11/2005Charlie Wants an AbortionA girl from Charlie’s past reveals they have a child together. Mac sees the benefits in being a pro-life advocate, while Dennis uses an abortion rally to meet women.
18/4/2005The Gang Gets RacistThe guys hire Dee’s friend, Terrell to promote the bar. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to prove that he is not a racist.

Season 0

571/5/2016Gag ReelIncluded in Season 10 DVD bonus feature.
569/2/2014The Gang Saves the Day CommentaryIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
559/2/2014The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award CommentaryIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
549/2/2014The Gang Broke Dee CommentaryIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
539/2/2014Transition PromoSeason 9 promo as the show moves to FXX. Included in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
529/2/2014The Gang Does 100 EpisodesIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
519/2/2014The Invigaron PresentationIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
509/2/2014Sweet Dee’s Comedy ReelIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
499/2/2014The Movement PromoSeason 9 promo as the show moves to FXX. Included in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
489/2/2014Gag ReelIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
479/2/2014Lethal Weapon 6 Director’s CutIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
469/2/2014Every Damn Take of Charlie’s Theme SongIncluded in Season 9 DVD bonus features.
459/3/2013Charlie’s Mom has Cancer CommentaryIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
449/3/2013The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre CommentaryIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
439/3/2013The Gang Recycles Their Trash CommentaryIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
429/3/2013Pop-Pop The Final Solution CommentaryIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
419/3/2013Gag ReelIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
409/3/2013Deleted ScenesIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
399/3/2013Fat Mac: In MemoriamIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
389/3/2013Frank Reynolds’ How to Be a WarthogIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
379/3/2013Lady House: The Lost PremiereIncluded in Season 8 DVD bonus features.
3610/9/2012The High School Reunion Part 2 CommentaryIncluded in Season 7 DVD bonus features.
3510/9/2012The Gang Gets Trapped CommentaryIncluded in Season 7 DVD bonus features.
3410/9/2012The Anti-Social Network CommentaryIncluded in Season 7 DVD bonus features.
3310/9/2012The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore CommentaryIncluded in Season 7 DVD bonus features.
3210/9/2012Blooper ReelIncluded in Season 7 DVD bonus features.
3110/9/2012Artemis Tours PhiladelphiaIncluded in Season 7 DVD bonus features.
309/13/2011Legal Advice with Jack KellyIncluded in Season 6 DVD bonus features.
299/13/2011Deleted and Extended ScenesIncluded in Season 6 DVD bonus features.
289/13/2011Blooper ReelIncluded in Season 6 DVD bonus features.
279/13/2011Dennis and Dee’s Podcasts – Border PatrolIncluded in Season 6 DVD bonus features.
269/13/2011Dennis and Dee’s Podcasts – Serial KillersIncluded in Season 6 DVD bonus features.
259/13/2011Dennis and Dee’s Podcasts – TerroristsIncluded in Season 6 DVD bonus features.
249/13/2011“Lethal Weapon 5” Extended CutShort amateur parody of the film franchise, including some scenes from Season’s 6 “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth” episode.
239/14/2010Blooper ReelIncluded in Season 5 DVD bonus features.
229/14/2010Deleted and Extended ScenesIncluded in Season 5 DVD bonus features.
219/14/201023793 Photos in 5 Minutes – Schwep Dream Sequences MontageIncluded in Season 5 DVD bonus features.
209/14/2010Kitten Mittens Endless LoopIncluded in Season 5 DVD bonus features.
199/14/2010The Gang’s Dating ProfilesIncluded in Season 5 DVD bonus features.
189/14/2010Blu-ray DisclaimerIncluded in Season 5 DVD bonus features.
179/15/2009Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic LifeIncluded in Season 4 DVD bonus features.
169/15/2009The Nightman Cometh Live PerformanceIncluded in Season 4 DVD bonus features.
159/15/2009Blooper ReelIncluded in Season 4 DVD bonus features.
149/15/2009Easter Egg FeaturetteIncluded in Season 4 DVD bonus features.
1310/6/2009Season 3 TV SpotsIncluded in Season 3 DVD bonus features.
1210/6/2009Gag ReelIncluded in Season 3 DVD bonus features.
1110/6/2009Dancing Guy FeaturetteIncluded in Season 3 DVD bonus features.
1010/6/2009Meet the McPoyles FeaturetteIncluded in Season 3 DVD bonus features.
910/6/2009Sunny Side Up Volume 2 Making-Of FeaturetteIncluded in Season 3 DVD bonus features.
89/4/2007Hundred Dollar Baby Commentary
79/4/2007Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom Commentary
69/4/2007Fox Movie Channel presents Making A SceneA Fox Movie Channel behind the scenes look at Season 02 of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.
59/4/2007The Gang Fucks Up OuttakesBlooper Reel and Outtakes from Seasons 01 & 02. Released with Season 01-02 disc set.
49/4/2007Kaitlin Audition FeaturetteA look into the casting process for Dee Reynolds, played by Kaitlin Olson.
39/4/2007Sunny Side Up Making-Of FeaturetteA peak into the creation process of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ Includes interviews and a behind the scenes look at how the show is made. Released with Season 01-02 disc set.
29/4/2007Scenes from the Original Pilot – “Mac Meets Carmen”2 of 2 scenes from the original pilot. Released with Season 01-02 disc set.
19/4/2007Scenes from the Original Pilot – “Charlie Has Cancer”1 of 2 scenes from the original pilot. Released with Season 01-02 disc set.

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