TV Review: ABC News’ “Wild Crime: Blood Mountain” is a Chaotic and Dramatic True Crime Story

The true crime genre is one that has amassed quite a following in recent years. From podcasts to documentaries, people all over the country are gripped by horrifying stories of the nightmares endure by other people. ABC News is is one of the prime sources of these kinds of stories and they have another new one coming to Hulu very soon.

The third season of Wild Crime will follow the case of Meredith Emerson, who vanished with her dog whilst hiking Blood Mountain in Georgia. When two other hikers are found murdered in other national forests in the southeast, could a connection be found? The four-part series follows the investigators who worked to solve the case, including finding and interviewing prime suspect Gary Michael Hilton.

Wild Crime: Blood Mountain doesn’t take long to engross you in its story. In fact, the only negative to this new docuseries comes primarily in the first few minutes. In that opening, the pacing feels wildly fast, jumping from interview to interview and evidence to evidence. It moves in a way that makes it feel as though you’re watching a trailer for the series as opposed to the series itself. It’s certainly exciting but it can also create an information overload that may find a portion of the audience reaching for the remote.

After a while though, that pacing evens out and a chilling story begins to unfold at a much more manageable pace. This is when the audience can really get drawn in as they start to meet the people investigating this fascinating case and become more and more invested in the search. Once things slow down the drama begins to feel very real.

And while there are a great deal of true crime stories being told out there that may seem to be more unique and compelling, this story just grows and grows as it is being told. What seems like story of a missing hiker becomes a search for a potential serial killer taking over an entire region of the country. With each new investigative team and piece of evidence, the story becomes that much more thrilling.

It also helps that this series is very thorough. The thing that allows the audience to connect with a true crime story is hearing directly from those who were involved. And while people aren’t always going to be willing to sit down for an interview, there is plenty of archived news footage that can be used to check that box. On top of that, hearing from the investigators and even the prime suspect will keep the audience hooked.

Overall, Wild Crime: Blood Mountain takes a few minutes to find its groove, but it eventually becomes yet another compelling true crime story from this ABC News series. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like the most interesting case, but over time it grows to become far more than what it seems. If you’re a true crime junkie and you don’t having solo hikes ruined for you forever, this series is absolutely worth a watch.

Wild Crime: Blood Mountain premieres Thursday, November 30th on Hulu.

Mike Mack
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