Watching Disney’s Fantasia has always made for enjoyable viewing — but what if you could really experience it? According to The Stage, you just might get that opportunity. London’s The Vaults venue has developed an immersive and multi-sensory show that puts audiences in the middle of the story.

The Vaults is a maze located in the underground tunnels/disused railway below London’s Waterloo station. The venue will host Sounds and Sorcery Celebrating Disney’s Fantasia as part of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebration. Setting itself apart from other shows, Sounds and Sorcery will feature a new recording of the score performed by a 96-piece orchestra, 3D projections, and audience members will wear headphones as they are guided through the tunnels and the show. This production will run from July 3rd-September 30th and is something the whole family can enjoy. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, April 19th at 10am GMT and can be purchased through The Vaults’ website.

Walt Disney’s Fantasia debuted in 1941 and was rereleased in 2000 as Fantasia 2000.