While the original voice of Kim Possible, Cristy Carlson Romano, will have a role in Disney Channel’s upcoming live-action film, the voice of Ron Stoppable, Wil Friedle, says he won’t be appearing in the DCOM.

  • Friedle confirmed to Page Six that he won’t be in Kim Possible film, despite starring in a video announcing casting for the project.
  • However, he went on to say that Disney did ask him to make a cameo, but he decided it wasn’t for him.
  • He told the publication, “It was a cameo and it’s one of those things where Kim Possible was very important to me. It really is a very important show in my past and I hope they do it justice … It was not Disney’s fault, they absolutely asked me, but I’m the one who said ‘no.’ So it’s certainly not on them.”
  • The actor went on to tweet the Page Six article, again adding “Sorry all…it just wasn’t for me.”
  • Despite declining the invitation, Friedle said he’s excited about the film’s casting, saying “The kids are awesome and I’m sure they’re going to nail it. Kids will be in better hands for the next generation, but I like to leave it as it was for me.”
  • In addition to his role of Ron Stoppable on the animated Kim Possible series, Friedle is also known for playing Eric Matthews on ABC’s Boy Meets World — a part that he reprised for Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.
  • Kim Possible is set to premiere on Disney Channel sometimes in 2019 with Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone starring.