A middle-aged former Disney Cruise Line employee has filed a lawsuit claiming he was harassed by his younger female supervisor, according to NBC News.

  • Anthony McHugh, A former labor analyst for Disney Cruise Line, claims his younger female manager created a hostile work environment by bullying him about his age and passing him over for promotions.
  • The manager allegedly called McHugh a “stuffy old fart” in front of other employees, moved his office to a windowless space and refused to provide him with an iPhone or tablet, which younger employees received.
  • The lawsuit also reads: “Further, the senior manager sought to embarrass plaintiff by sharing with the plaintiff the various sex acts that she participated in with her many partners.”
  • Disney Cruise Line released a statement saying the claims are without merit and “we will respond to them in court.”
  • The lawsuit also claims the manager stole medication took for attention deficit disorder and anxiety.
  • McHugh worked for Disney for 18 years before being fired last year after complaining about the manager to the human resources department.
  • The given reason for his dismissal was the use of illegal substances.
  • McHugh was replaced by a younger woman and every leader on his work team over the age of 40 was "either systematically terminated or resigned" during the manager’s tenure, according to the lawsuit.

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