What’s happening:

  • A long time Disney Cast Member Clayton Lyndsey has bid adieu to Disney Cruise Line and has begun a new chapter in his life at Spectrum Retirement Communities. 
  • Lyndsey made the move from Florida to Colorado where he now serves as Vice President of entertainment and programming for the company.
  • Prior to taking the position with Spectrum, Lyndsey served a the cruise director for Disney Cruise Line and Disney fans will recognize him as someone who always got everyone involved in a variety of activities.
  • Lyndsey had such a way with guests that he was able to convince older cruisers to take a ride down a water slide or join him for a lovely ballroom-style dance.
  • In a recent profile article for Spectrum, Lyndsey’s career with Disney was mentioned pointing out two very special occasions when he provided magical opportunities for some special cruisers:
    • Years ago a World War II veteran named Joseph took his whole family (18 in total) on a Disney Cruise. Lyndsey made sure that Joseph was having a just as much fun as his family and according to the article told Joseph, “We’re going to ride The AquaDuck — you and me.” And they did! That experience began a tradition for Lyndsey where he’d find the most senior person on each cruise and take them for a ride on The AquaDuck.

  •  Another guest named Anne-Marie was paired with Lyndsey for “Dancing with the Officers” during evening entertainment. She was nervous about dancing in front of a crowd, but Lyndsey put her at ease. Their Samba was the talk of the cruise and years later, Anne-Marie’s widowed husband tracked down the director on another cruise and told him “Don’t be sad. You were the memory of her life. She never stopped talking about it.”

What they’re saying:

  • Clayton Lyndsey, vice president of entertainment and programming for Spectrum Retirement Communities: “I haven’t been this excited in a really, really long time. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone at Spectrum…my new family.”
  • Lyndsey, on how senior living communities are like cruise ships: “It’s our obligation to make sure [the residents] enjoy every day of their stay. They should live with purpose, feel valued and know they can still share in making memories with their families.”
  • Lyndsey on his life motto ‘You Never Know’: “Those are three powerful words: You never know. You never know what a hello or a smile will do for someone’s day. You really just never know the impact you’re having on someone’s life.”

Laughing Place Meets Clayton Lyndsey:

  • While it’s been nearly a decade since one of our own took these pictures with Lyndsey, we do have some fond memories of his personality and charisma. Here he is in 2009 taking a few minutes to play with Gideon.

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