Wu-Tang: An American Saga will be coming soon to Hulu. The streaming service’s latest scripted series is currently putting together its cast and has tapped Ashton Sanders and Shameik Moore to star.

What’s happening:

  • Hulu has picked up a new scripted series that will focus on the popular 90s music group, Wu-Tang Clan.
  • Wu-Tang: An American Saga is based on the true story of the group and will be told over 10-episodes.
  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is finalizing its cast and has tapped the following actors to star:
    • Ashton Sanders (Moonlight)
    • Shameik Moore (The Get Down, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
    • Siddiq Saunderson (Messiah)
    • Marcus Callender (Power)
    • Zolee Griggs (Ballers)
    • Erika Alexander (Get Out)

About the series:

  • Wu-Tang: An American Saga is based on the true story of the Wu-Tang Clan.
  • “Set in New York in the 1990s at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, the series will follow the Clan's formation, a vision of Bobby Digs (aka RZA), who strives to unite a dozen young black men who are torn between music and crime but who eventually rise to become the unlikeliest of American success stories.”
  • Wu-Tang Clan members will serve as consulting producers including:
    • Ghostface Killah
    • Inspectah Deck
    • Masta Killa
    • GZA
    • Estate of Ol' Dirty Bastard
  • The series is co-created by RZA and writer Alex Tse (SuperFly).
  • The series will be executive produced by Brian Grazer of Imagine Television, Francie Calfo, RZA, Method Man and Tse.
  • Imagine Television's James Seidman will oversee for the company.
  • Chris Robinson (Star, The New Edition Story) will direct and co-executive produce the pilot.

About the cast and characters:

  • Ashton Sanders as Bobby Diggs:
    • “Creative and thoughtful underneath a hardened exterior, Bobby Diggs is accustomed to street life but can't let go of his dreams about music. He'd rather mess with loops and records, but knows he has to step up in order to provide for his family. Having been raised on a farm by his uncle, Bobby has a different outlook on life than his friends and brothers.”
  • Shameik Moore as Sha Rader:
    • “Rader is a gunner for drug dealer Power Grant and a kid who grew up on the streets who now wields a gun without blinking. He's still got some innocence to him, however, and his friendship with Bobby makes it tough to carry out his orders.”
  • Siddiq Saunderson as Dennis "D-Love" Coles (aka Ghostface Killah):
    • “Dennis Coles who at 19, is a loving kid who would do anything to protect his friends and family. When he's not taking care of his two younger brothers while his mom drinks herself to sleep, Dennis serves as the right-hand man to Bobby’s older brother Divine in their increasingly competitive drug dealing business based out of the Stapleton area. Dennis takes his role in Divine's crew seriously; he'll step up to any challenge if he feels threatened.”
  • Marcus Callender as Power Grant:
    • “The top dog of Park Hill, an area in the projects that he and his gang control as the chief rivals to Divine’s crew in Stapleton.”
  • Zolee Griggs as Shurrie:
    • “The second-youngest of four, but she's basically the woman of the house. She's taught herself how to care for others and take care of any issues around the home, all the while staying focused on school. Shurrie is in a relationship with Dennis that no one can know about.”
  • Erika Alexander as Linda:
    • “An overworked mother of four who has been through hell and back. Now rid of her abusive husband, Linda spends most of her time at the rib shop working. She knows her relationship with her children has suffered, but has to put on a brave face and go to work in spite of it.”