ABC has announced they’ve picked up Holey Moley, a new miniature golf competition series. The show will focus on the family-favorite game of mini-golf with a twist and will be hosted by NBA superstar, Stephen Curry.

What’s happening:

  • ABC has announced the network pickup of new extreme miniature golf competition series, Holey Moley.
  • The first-of-its-kind, 10-episode mini-golf competition will showcase self-proclaimed mini-golf lovers from around the country as they compete head-to-head through an unparalleled, epic obstacle golf course.
  • NBA superstar Stephen Curry will serve as executive producer, resident golf pro of the Holey Moley course and appear in every episode.
  • Rounding out the on-camera talent is:
    • Color commentator Rob Riggle
    • Play-by-play commentator Joe Tessitore
    • Sideline correspondent Jeanie Mai

About Holey Moley:

  • Holey Moley will focus on the family-favorite game of mini-golf with a twist.
  • In each episode, 12 contestants will put their miniature golf—and physical—skills to the test and face off in never-before-seen challenges on a larger-than-life course.
  • Mini-golf experts of all ages and backgrounds will try their luck on Holey Moley’s supersized holes.
  • Every episode will consist of three rounds of golf, culminating with three finalists taking on the daunting “Mt. Holey Moley” in a three-way contest.
  • Ultimately, one winner per episode will take home the $25,000 prize, along with “The Golden Putter” trophy and coveted Holey Moley plaid jacket.
  • Uniquely themed holes will be featured every week, along with special celebrity guest appearances and other surprises along the way.

What they’re saying:

  • Rob Mills, senior vice president, Alternative Series, Specials and Late Night, ABC Entertainment: “Everyone has a favorite memory of playing miniature golf, whether it was as a child with your family, with a group of friends as a teenager, or on an awkward first date. Take that feeling, add high stakes competition and out-of-this-world challenges, and we have no doubt ‘Holey Moley’ will stand alongside other golf classics like Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore and The Legend of Bagger Vance.
  • Jeron Smith, co-founder and CEO of Unanimous Media: “Unanimous is incredibly excited to partner with ABC on ‘Holey Moley,’” said Jeron Smith, co-founder and CEO of Unanimous Media. We aim to use entertainment as a vehicle to bring families together, and this show will surely bring laughter and enjoyment to households around the country. Miniature golf is a staple pastime and the show will be fun, intense and unpredictable. Our collective love of sports and family-centric entertainment made this a perfect project for our first television series. We’re excited to see what the competition brings.”
  • Chris Culvenor, co-founder and co-CEO of Eureka: “Eureka is thrilled to be working with ABC to take America’s love of miniature golf to the next level. It’s extreme and perfect family-fun. We can’t wait to unveil the most spectacular mini-golf course ever created. Teaming up with Stephen Curry and Unanimous Media makes it even more special. Stephen has changed the game of basketball forever, so we are beyond excited to join forces with him to transform miniature golf into an epic event.”


  • More family fun is headed to ABC! The network recently announced they’re rebooting two classic game shows.

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