Walt Disney World Provides 40,000 Books to Central Florida Community Families and Educators

This past weekend, Walt Disney World brought thousands of new and classic Disney-themed stories to the Central Florida community as part of the second annual First Book Family Festival.

What’s happening:

  • For decades, Disney’s imaginative storytelling has touched the hearts of fans both young and old, and this week, hundreds in the Central Florida community received Disney-themed books share with the next generation.

  • On Saturday, May 4th, as part of the second annual First Book Family Festival, the Walt Disney World Resort placed 40,000 needed books into the hands of Central Florida educators, children and families.

  • During a no-cost shopping experience, educators were able to select up to 50 books and children and families were able to select up to five books per child.
  • The books, donated by Disney Worldwide Publishing, represented both classic and new Disney tales that appeal to readers of a variety of ages.
  • More than 100 Disney VoluntEARS sorted and organized thousands of books by age and genre.
  • They also assisted event attendees in finding perfect-fit books for their needs, helping to provide the resources needed for in-home experiences where families can explore their imaginations together and cultivate a lifelong love of imaginative storytelling.

  • This unique experience was made possible through Disney’s long standing partnership with First Book, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing new books to educators and organizations serving children from low-income families.

Did you know?:

  • For more than 80 years, Disney books have brought children and parents together, sparking imaginations across the globe.
  • The Walt Disney Company has a long-standing relationship with First Book, through which more than 67 million Disney-themed books have been donated to children in need.

What they’re saying:

  • Tajiana Ancora-Brown, director of external affairs for Walt Disney World Resort: “The magic of storytelling and the power of imagination can be seen in every corner of Walt Disney World Resort. Extending that magic and power beyond our resort and into the homes of our neighbors helps to cultivate a love of learning, reading and growing together.”
  • Kyle Zimmer, president, CEO and co-founder of First Book: “Much like Walt Disney World Resort, reading has the power to transport children and families into other worlds, letting them explore all their imaginations have to offer. There’s no better way for us to showcase the magic of reading than by partnering with Disney to host events like the one today.”