Tokyo DisneySea Shares New Videos of Soaring: Fantastic Flight

Starting this summer, guests visiting Tokyo DisneySea will take to the skies as the park debuts its newest attraction, Soaring: Fantastic Flight. Just today, fans got a closer look at the new experience headed their way as the park shared two teaser videos.

What’s happening:

  • Tokyo DisneySea’s brand new attraction, Soaring: Fantastic Flight will officially take off on July 23 guiding guests on an incredible journey around the world.
  • Today, the Tokyo Disney Resort YouTube channel shared two new videos, giving guests an inside look at the upcoming ride.

  • While the ride itself seems to be quite impressive, the narrative story behind the attraction is pretty amazing too.
  • Before guests take off on their journey, they will learn about the adventurer, Camellia Falco who helped designed the Dream Flyer vehicle that will take to the skies.
  • Hardcore Disney fans will quickly be able to pick up on the connection Ms. Falco has with the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A. for short) that links her to characters at Disney Parks around the world.

The Soaring: Fantastic Flight Story:

“On the hills of the Mediterranean Harbor, there is a special museum, the Fantastic Flight Museum, which honors the dream of humanity to fly. Today, at this museum, a special exhibition is held to reflect on the life of the woman, Camellia Falco, who has been passionate about research in flight and has continued to dream and pursue the future.

Visitors to the museum travel around the building while watching various exhibits and enter a special exhibition gallery honoring Camellia’s achievements. So the guests experience a mysterious encounter with the spirit of Camellia and finally get on a flying vehicle, Dream Flyer, which Camellia has developed with her companions.

Camellia believes that ‘if you have the power of imagination and dreams, you can go beyond space and time, anywhere.’ The thought-provoking Dream Flyer and the ability of the guests to have their own imagination and dreaming invite them to a spectacular and refreshing air travel.”

Soaring: Fantastic Flight opens on July 23 at Tokyo DisneySea. For more information about this attraction, check out our Project Tracker Page.

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