Imagineer Says Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway Contains Clues “For Future Attractions”

This morning, at long last, The Tropical Hideaway made its debut in Disneyland Park’s Adventureland. While fans may have been most looking forward to the arrival of the Rosita Audio-Animatronic, the area also contains plenty of Easter eggs for guests to discover. In fact, as Imagineer Michael Dobrzycki told us, there are even some hints about future attractions “if you dig in deep enough.” You can listen to Dobrzycki discuss more about the area or fast forward to :31 to hear the quote in question:

The oars that Dobrzycki is showing off feature the names of various Society of Explorers and Adventures (or SEA) members. Among the most famous of these members are Harrison Hightower from Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror, Lord Henry Mystic of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor, Merriweather Adam Pleasure of Walt Disney World’s defunct Pleasure Island area, and of course Dr. Albert Falls. Many of the names featured can also be found in this helpful post on Disney Wiki. Additionally, if you’ve ever ordered from the kid’s menu at Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen, the name Chef Tandaji may be familiar to you. Yet, admittedly, there are still a couple of references we’re having trouble placing.

UPDATE: It looks like we learned who one more of these explorers is. C. Falco appears to be short for Camellia Falco, who will be featured in Tokyo DisneySea’s Soaring: Fantastic Flight. That attraction will officially debut on July 23rd.


Of course, with “future attractions” meaning many things, it’s always possible this tease might not be as exciting as we think. Still, this wall of Easter eggs seems poised to grow only more interesting as time rolls on.

So are you excited about explorer The Tropical Hideaway? And who is your SEA member of choice? Let us know!

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