We are just about two and a half months away from the highly-anticipated arrival of Disney+ and we will be counting down the days to launch by showing off one feature of the new streaming service every day. Whether it’s original content, classic films or anything else Disney+ will offer, we’ll have it covered.

Disney fans’ excitement is bubbling over at the thought of all of their favorite movies from Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more being right at their fingertips in November, and D23 Expo 2019 only furthered that excitement. In addition to the dozens of announcements of incredible content coming to Disney+, guests at the Expo got a look at the user interface for the upcoming streaming service.

  • The banner across the top of the home screen highlights some featured content, like Captain Marvel for example in this video.
  • Below that, users will find each individual brand – Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic – as options for more organized content.
  • Beyond that, the Disney+ interface follows a model similar to other streaming services, offering categories like “Recommended For You,” “Featured,” “Movies,” “Series” and “Originals.”
  • Guests also saw the ability to create multiple profiles, with more than 200 avatars available to choose from as well as the ability to set a profile as a “kid’s profile,” which will tailor the home screen to a younger audience, organizing content into categories like “Disney Princesses,” “Superheroes,” “Disney Junior” and more.
  • We’ll all get to see this interface in person when Disney+ finally launches on November 12.

Be sure to follow along with our “Countdown to Disney+” series as we continue to break down everything the streaming service will offer right up until it launches on November 12.