Universal Orlando Not Cited for Electrical Problem Leading to Shocks at Volcano Bay

Universal Orlando Resort won’t be cited for electrical problems that led to Volcano Bay guests and employees being shocked and forcing the park to close early back in June, according to USA Today.

  • Federal investigators say Universal Orlando was not cited because they were unaware something was wrong.
  • A report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was released this week and says five lifeguards reported receiving electrical shocks on that day in June.
  • The lifeguards were taken to the hospital after the reported shocks and were later released the same day.
  • A Universal official reportedly told investigators that engineers measured 20-30 volts on a sidewalk in the park.
  • The cause of the shocks was found to be electrical wiring damaged during construction that sent electrical current through the ground.
  • Universal spokesman Tom Schroder says the problem is resolved and the park is safe.


  • On Sunday, June 2, Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay closed early due to “technical issues.” Additionally, a small group of employees at the water park were hospitalized according to a Universal spokesperson.
  • An official statement from Universal read: “Out of an abundance of caution, a small number of our team members have been transported to the hospital.”
  • The Orlando Sentinel reported at the time that guests complained of feeling “zapped” on their feet on Sunday afternoon.
  • The Sentinel also spoke with a Volcano Bay lifeguard who declined to use her name for fear she’d be fired. The lifeguard said she’d heard there was a wiring short on the park’s water coaster, Krakatau Aqua Coaster. She said the attraction had recently been rewired.
  • According to the Orlando Fire Department’s public information officer, Ashley Papgani, OFD arrived on the scene around 4:44 pm on Sunday afternoon.
  • Employees were then taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and were later released from the hospital. No injuries were reported.
  • The park returned to normal operations on Monday, June 3.