“Technical Issues” Lead to Volcano Bay Early Closure on Sunday, Team Members Sent to Hospital

Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay closed early on Sunday afternoon, following a “technical issues” incident.

What’s happening:

  • On Sunday afternoon, Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay closed early due to “technical issues.” Additionally, a small group of employees at the water park were hospitalized according to a Universal spokesperson.
  • NBC affiliate WESH 2 reports that the official statement from Universal reads: “Out of an abundance of caution, a small number of our team members have been transported to the hospital.”
  • The Orlando Sentinel writes that guests complained of feeling “zapped” on their feet on Sunday afternoon.
  • The Sentinel also spoke with a Volcano Bay lifeguard who declined to use her name for fear she’d be fired. The lifeguard says she’d heard there was a wiring short on the park’s water coaster, Krakata Aqua Coaster. She said the attraction had recently been rewired.
  • According to the Orlando Fire Department’s public information officer, Ashley Papgani, OFD arrived on the scene around 4:44 pm on Sunday afternoon.
  • Three employees were then taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and were later released from the hospital. No injuries have been reported.
  • As of Monday morning (today), the park was operating normally.

What they’re saying:

  • Volcano Bay lifeguard: “We were telling our supervisor our legs are going numb, we can feel things radiating through our bodies.”
  • VB lifeguard on why she remained in the water: “Everybody knows if you leave your post, it’s grounds for termination.”
  • VB guest Sarah Carlino on reporting to a manager: “She didn’t believe what we were saying. They weren’t taken [sic] this seriously. They need to be held accountable. What if somebody had a pacemaker? Or there was a child?"