Super Nintendo World Coming to Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe Park

We have known Super Nintendo World was coming to Universal Orlando Resort for quite some time. What we didn’t know was exactly where it would go. Now, we know the highly anticipated new land will be a part of Universal’s exciting new theme park Epic Universe, according to Spectrum News.

  • The news comes from an earnings call this morning, during which Universal executives confirmed Super Nintendo World would be a part of the new park.
  • Universal announced Super Nintendo World, which will open first at Universal Studios Japan this summer, would eventually make its way to Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Singapore.
  • With the eventual arrival in Orlando being known, the news of Nintendo coming to Epic Universe is far from a surprise.
  • Still, now we know for sure where Mario and company will set up shop when they come to Orlando.
  • Universal’s Epic Universe, which was officially announced back in August, will open in 2023.

More on Epic Universe:

  • Epic Universe will consist of more than just a theme park. It will also include hotels, shops and restaurants.
  • The new project was announced to be Comcast’s largest investment in the parks, though specific numbers were not shared.
  • This project will create 14,000 jobs with a starting rate of $15 per hour.
  • Universal also announced a 50/50 public-private partnership in which Universal is investing $160 million to extend Kirkman Road into the area where the new park will be located, creating the necessary infrastructure for the new resort area.
  • Super Nintendo World is the first intellectual property to be announced for the new park.

More on Super Nintendo World:

  • Thierry Coup, Chief Creative Officer of Universal Creative, called Super Nintendo World a “life-sized, living video game.”
  • He went on to explain that guests would be able to live out adventures in settings they’ve been seeing in video games for years, including Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s castle and Bowser’s fortress.
  • Guests visiting Super Nintendo World in Japan will be able to wear a custom wristband called a “Power Up Band,” which will link to an app and allow guests to interact with certain elements throughout the land, like the iconic coin block.
  • Universal will also be holding an event in New York City in February to promote Super Nintendo World and while no details were shared on this event, it seems likely we will learn even more about the land at that time.
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