Mark Ruffalo Says He is in Early Talks with Marvel to Appear in “She-Hulk” Series on Disney+

Marvel’s presence at C2E2 continued today as the convention wraps up, and the Hulk himself took the stage to kick off the day. Mark Ruffalo told fans in attendance that he is in preliminary talks with Marvel to appear in the She-Hulk series coming to Disney+.

  • Ruffalo has portrayed Bruce Banner/ The Hulk in seven films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including each of the Avengers films and Thor: Ragnarok.
  • Now it appears he may follow the lead of several of the other actors in the MCU by jumping into a Disney+ series.

  • She-Hulk will focus on Jennifer Walters, an attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner.
  • Ruffalo also answered several other questions relating to the MCU, including which director he would like to see take on a Marvel movie next.

More on She-Hulk:

  • After receiving an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters develops her own powers and green hued skin.
  • Unlike her cousin, she maintains her intelligence and personality as she transforms into She-Hulk.
  • Jennifer Walters was one of the last major characters co-created by Stan Lee. She made her comic debut in the 1980s and was even part of the Fantastic Four team.
  • She-Hulk was announced at the D23 Expo back in August, along with Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel series, each heading to Disney+.
  • In November, Marvel tapped Jessica Gao to lead the writing team for She-Hulk.