AURORA’s “Into the Unknown” Remix Now Available for Streaming and Download

A new version of Frozen 2’s "Into The Unknown" debuted this week from AURORA. The dreamy remix is available for streaming on demand or digital download.

What’s happening:

  • Artist AURORA has released a new version of "Into The Unknown."
  • Her cover/remix of the show stopping number debuted on March 4th and is available wherever fans stream Disney music. Additionally, the song can also be downloaded via the iTunes store.
  • AURORA shared the release on her Twitter saying: “My version of "Into The Unknown" is out today. Thank you Magnus for helping me produce this, and to Disney for releasing it. I hope you like it!!”


  • AURORA was featured in the Oscar performance of "Into The Unknown" along with the film’s star, Idina Menzel and several actresses from around the world who voiced Elsa for the international releases of the movie.