MLS Players Association Approves Proposal Allowing Tournament at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

The Major League Soccer (MLS) Players Association approved a proposal today, avoiding a lockout and allowing the league to return to play in 2020. That potential return opens the door for a tournament next month at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, according to ESPN.

  • The acceptance of the MLS proposal allows the league to avoid a lockout that has been threatened by MLS and will soften the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic.
  • MLS has been shut down since March 12.
  • The teams are expected to arrive in Orlando in three weeks for the tournament at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

What they’re saying:

  • A statement from the MLSPA: "MLS Players today ratified a new collective bargaining agreement, which will run through the 2025 season. Today's vote also finalizes a plan to resume the 2020 season and provides players with certainty for the months ahead. It allows our members to move forward and continue to compete in the game they love. We recognize that we are all moving forward — as players, as fans, as societies, as a world — into a future that looks much different than the one we envisioned a few months ago. There are problems we face collectively that are both more urgent, and more important, than competing on the field. We are grieving, we are fed up, we expect change, and we expect action. This change won't come on the field, but it will come partly through the force and determination of all who seek justice and equality. We hope our return to the field will allow fans a momentary release and a semblance of normalcy. We are committed as a group to doing all that we can — both as leaders in our sport as well as leaders in our communities — to help carry our countries, our communities, our league, and our sport forward."