Gainesville Brewery Creates, Sells Out of Beer that Tastes “Just Like” Dole Whip

A brewery in Gainesville, Florida has concocted an alcoholic drink that reportedly tastes exactly like one of the most popular treats from the Disney Parks, Dole Whip, according to Fox News.

What’s Happening:

  • First Magnitude Brewing, a craft brewery in Gainesville, Florida, has recently debuted a beer that reported tastes “exactly like” Dole Whip, a popular treat at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. 
  • Dole Whip isn’t exclusive to the Disney Parks though, as it can also be found at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, as well as a few other locations.
  • That said, Dole Whip Sour (as the specialty brew is called) is reportedly brewed with the actual Dole Whip mix that is used for the signature soft serve treat, likely obtained from Dole proper. The recipe for the brew also calls for pineapple puree and milk sugar, which helps make the beverage taste “just like” the soft serve specialty.
  • According to an Instagram post from First Magnitude Brewing, they say that the drink is “a creamy, dreamy sour that isn't too sweet or tart, it's just the right balance and is packed with pineapple goodness!  The best part is, you can pick-up right here in Gainesville, you don't need to travel to Orlando!”
  • The drink went on sale on August 12th and reportedly sold out within a few days of its release. In comments on a Facebook post from the brewery, they say they have no plans to make more of the brew “at the moment” but may do so again in the future.
  • When the specialty drink was available, it was available to be ordered and picked up at the Gainesville brewery only, not available to be shipped anywhere.