What We Learned from the “Monsterland” Metaverse Panel

Metaverse, the virtual presentation of New York Comic Con, continues today featuring a wide array of panels looking at everything from comics and novels to TV and movies and everything in between. One of those panels focused on the new hulu original horror anthology series Monsterland.

  • The Monsterland Metaverse panel featured:
    • Jonathan Tucker
    • Taylor Schilling
    • Kelly Marie Tran
    • Mike Colter
    • Creator/showrunner Mary Laws
  • Colter summed up the nature of this new nicely when he was asked about the monster that scares him the most.
  • “To me, the monsters that I deal with on a regular basis, and remember these people are people who sometimes have, you know, decisions in life that affect other people,” Colter said. “There are doctors like this, there are police officers like this, there are people who walk around who are completely dead inside. And so, we’re not that far away from, you know, sociopaths and so I think the monster within the man is sort of the most scary thing. That frightens me more than anything.”
  • Schilling was asked how different it was for her creating her character for an anthology as opposed to a longer-running series where she would have to continue to live as that character. She half jokingly said “it was so fun to be able to go that deep and then have no responsibility.”
  • Laws wrapped up the panel by explaining what she hopes audiences will take away from the show, saying “I hope that they’ll walk away with a little bit of a question of like, who was the most monstrous, why the people in the episode did the things that they did and maybe a little more understanding for how complicated human beings can be.”
  • You can stream all eight episodes of Monsterland on Hulu now. Check out Mack’s review of the Hulu original series.
  • You can watch the full Monsterland Metaverse panel below: