Marvel Comics Announces “Maestro: War & Pax” Coming in January

Marvel Comics will reveal the story of Maestro’s rise to power in a new series called Maestro: War & Pax this January.

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel Comics will continue Peter David’s Maestro stories with a new series called Maestro: War & Pax.
  • The current Maestro series covers the character’s origins while Maestro: War & Pax will follow his “Terrifying rise to power.”
  • Peter David will team up with artist Javier Pina again on the new series.
  • The Maestro was first introduced in 1992 as an alternate universe version of the Incredible Hulk, maintaining Bruce Banner’s intellect but Hulk’s super strength and feeling like an immortal god deserving of worship.
  • Maestro: War & Pax #1 will go on sale this January at comic shops and digital retailers.
  • Fans can catch up on the most recent series that started in August now.

What They’re Saying:

  • Peter David: “I am thrilled that, twenty years after I created him, the Maestro still intrigues people so much that the first series garnered the sort of success that demanded a follow-up. As long as folks want to keep reading about him, I'm happy to keep giving them stories.”