New Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror Pins Released at Disney World

Do you collect the weird and macabre? Maybe not, but you might collect items from The Haunted Mansion or the Hollywood Tower Hotel, also known as Twilight Zone – Tower of Terror. Our Florida correspondent Jeremiah Good stumbled upon some new standard edition pins from both of these delightfully frightful experiences that you can bring home from your next visit to Walt Disney World.

New Haunted Mansion Pins

From a pin that declares yourself to be the “Ghost Host” to Madame Leota in her green glowing ball and ghost bride Constance Hatchaway standing in front of the gothic manor looking for her next groom, there’s something for everyone with these five new pins. There’s even a Hatbox Ghost dangler pin!

New Tower of Terror Pins

There are six new Tower of Terror pins to peruse, but the coolest is this accordion-hinged pin that features Mickey and Minnie Mouse inside the service elevator of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Stretch it out to see Bellhop stitch controlling the doomed elevator and a segment with the snapped wire!

Chip and Dale, Goofy, and even Donald become bellhops across three different pins, one of which contains a Twilight Zone swirling vortex that spins. Another features Mickey and Minnie excitedly checking in to the hotel in glorious black & white. Lastly, the happy couple enjoy a romantic evening at the Tippy Top Club.

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