Chris Evans Explains The Origin Story Behind His Dog’s Name On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Last Night, Captain America himself reminded everybody why he’s arguably everyone’s favorite Chris when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! And explained his own origin story of where his dog’s name came from.

What’s Happening:

  • Chris Evans (Captain America, The Avengers) stopped by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last night where he discussed some political projects he had in the works, and also a little bit about the World Series and Tom Brady as well.
  • However, what caught our attention was when Kimmel addressed that Evans has a dog named “Dodger” as well as a tattoo emblazoned on his chest showing off the name.
  • Kimmel found it interesting because he assumed that the dog’s name was somehow related to Baseball and the L.A. Dodgers team or even the famed stadium food, “Dodger Dogs.” Evans said it would be sacrilegious to have anything Dodger baseball related since he’s from Boston.

  • Embarrassed, Evans explained that growing up, he was a big fan of the movie Oliver and Company, and he said that when he first saw the dog in the shelter he thought “Oh, that looks like Dodger.” When he decided that was the dog going home with him, he said he thought he shouldn’t overthink the name and stuck with “Dodger.”
  • Evans also displayed a genuine fondness for the film as he explained his story, pointing out that Huey Lewis was involved in the film, and even that Billy Joel was the voice behind his dog’s namesake.
  • He also mentioned that the relationship he has with his dog is one of the purest he’s ever had, which is why it didn’t take too long after he got Dodger to get the name tattooed on his chest. He added that “I’ve regretted a few [tattoos] in my life, but not that one.”
  • Evans is also a self-proclaimed Disney fan and has no shame geeking out some times, with past interviews even allowing him to show off his fandom.
  • You can see Chris Evans explaining the story himself in the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Below: