Disney World Increases Capacity at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance With New Plexiglass Ride Vehicle Dividers

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is about to change the way Guests get their spot in the Virtual Queue, but we noticed some other changes at the in-demand experience this week. When the parks reopened in July, modifications to the experience included the standard social distance markers in the queue and leaving one of the attraction’s two rows empty, maintaining social distancing but further reducing capacity. The video below, taken in July, shows what the experience has been like in recent months.

You’ll notice lots of plexiglass dividers in the video above in sections of the queue where Guests have to pass each other. New plexiglass dividers have been added in the briefing room, which allowed Disney to add additional dots on the ground to get more Guests through the experience.

In the outdoor loading area for the Intersystem Transport Ship, colored dots have replaced the previous boarding group numbers that Guests would stand on, spread further apart before boarding the ship.

Plexiglass dividers have been added to the ITS as well, allowing more color markers to be added. Just like the briefing room, this allows more Guests to enter the ITS with each group.

The First Order has also replaced the colored lines aboard the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer with color coded dots to be consistent with those in place within the rest of the galaxy.

Detention cells have also added grouping dots, replacing previous instructions for parties to stand in the front or back of the room. The First Order is now loading four parties per cell as opposed to the previous two per cell.

First Order Fleet Transport vessels have been modified with a plexiglass divider between the first and second row. This allows Guests to sit in both the front and back row, helping to increase the capacity of the full experience.

All of these changes should be good news to Guests with a Park Pass Reservation to visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, who now are more likely to get to experience this high demand attraction and who no longer have to be in the park to get their spot in the Virtual Queue as of November 3rd.

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