Disney Channel has shared a sneak peek at the next episode of Big City Greens, “Chipocalypse Now!,” premiering January 16th.

What’s Happening:

  • Big City Greens fans can get a first look at the newest episode, premiering January 16th on Disney Channel and the Disney Now app.
  • The new episode is called “Chipocalypse Now!,” a parody of the classic war drama Apocalypse Now.
  • In the clip, we find the Green family being notified that their home is about to be surrounded on all sides by a new Wholesome Foods store.
  • This appears to be the opening scene of the 21st episode of the show’s second season, with the news leading into an alternate version of the opening credits featuring the Green’s with their new supermarket neighbor.
  • The new episode features guest stars Paul Scheer as Chip Whistler and Andy Richter and Mayor Hansock.
  • “Chipocalypse Now!” is a special double-length episode where “Chip Whistler tears down the buildings around the Greens’ house to build a new Wholesome Foods store.”
  • Don’t miss this new episode of Disney Channel’s animated comedy series Big City Greens premiering January 16th on Disney Channel (9:00 am ET) and on the Disney Now app.