Marvel has revealed some new Funko Pop! figures inspired by the Marvel Zombies series coming in March.

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More on “Marvel Zombies

  • The Marvel Zombies story takes place entirely in another dimension, in which Earth has been overrun with a zombie virus. All of your favorite Marvel heroes are zombies and Magneto is the only one left.
  • As the former heroes try to understand what has happened to them, they are constantly distracted by their ravenous hunger and desire to feast on human flesh. And with the planet’s population being reduced to nothing but the undead, meals are hard to come by.
  • To make matters worse, this dimension’s Earth is about to have its first encounter with the world-eater known as Galactus. On the bright side, if they can stop Galactus, a creature of his size would make for one sizable feast. The fate of the planet hangs in the balance while the last remaining humans look for a cure on a spaceship in Earth’s orbit.
  • Read a full look back at the Marvel Zombies series from Mack.

The Marvel Zombies Funko Pop! figures will be released on March 19 (Gambit only) and March 25. Check out all the links below to pre-order them now.

Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies – Thor

Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies – Gambit

Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies – Dr. Doom

Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies – Red Hulk

Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies – MODOK

Funko Pop! Keychain: Marvel Zombies – Gambit

Funko Pop! Keychain: Marvel Zombies – Dr. Doom

Funko Pop! Keychain: Marvel Zombies – Thor