Sony’s Ron Moore Signs Overall Deal with 20th Television, Producing “Swiss Family Robinson” Series

Ron Moore has left Sony to sign an overall deal with the Disney-owned 20th television, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Ron Moore, executive producer of television series like The Outlander and For All Mankind, has departed Sony and signed an overall deal with 20th TV.
  • Moore reportedly quietly signed the deal with Disney over the summer.
  • The producer had spent the past decade under an overall deal with Sony.
  • Moore’s new deal is reportedly worth eight figures and will see him create and develop new projects across the Disney portfolio under his Tall Ship Productions banner.
  • His first project will reportedly be the recently announced Swiss Family Robinson series set for Disney+.
  • Moore will work alongside Jon M. Chu on the Disney+ project.
  • As part of this new deal, Tall Ship Productions’ Maril Davis and Ben McGinnis will also make the move to 20th TV with Moore.

What they’re saying:

  • Carolyn Cassidy, Executive VP of development, 20th TV: "Ron’s as passionate about Disney parks, characters and IP as our head of drama Michelle Mendelovitz was about bringing him to the studio, and when he said 'yes' we were all thrilled beyond belief. His beautiful work on Battlestar Galactica, Outlander and For All Mankind are well known for their artistry and intelligence, their unforgettable characters and big, broad appeal. And it’s been so exciting for Karey, Michelle and me to see how inspired he is by the Disney canon. Swiss Family Robinson is just the first project he has up his sleeve and we’re so glad he’s made 20th his creative home."
  • Ron Moore: "I’d like to thank [Disney's] Dana Walden, Carolyn Cassidy and Michelle Mendelovitz, and now Karey Burke, for inviting me to join their amazing team at 20th Television and Disney. I grew up loving Disney movies, TV shows, and theme parks, and I still do to this day, so the chance to work on some of those same classic titles like Swiss Family Robinson was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I had an amazing experience at Sony Pictures Television and I’d like to thank everyone at Sony for their steadfast support and personal friendship over the last decade. I’m also very happy that I’ll be able to continue my involvement with both Outlander and For All Mankind while Matt Roberts and Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi take over the showrunning duties on each project respectively."