The latest animated short from Star Wars Mission Fleet, a series from Hasbro, takes a look at a different way that the Death Star could have been destroyed.

What’s Happening:

  • Star Wars Mission Fleet animated shorts celebrate the most iconic and fan-favorite characters and vehicles in the galaxy, blasting off toward new adventures and learning valuable lessons with every mission completed.
  • In the latest of these lessons, we see Luke Skywalker learn to fly under the radar after a tense encounter with Darth Vader.
  • While we all know that Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star by hitting a target no bigger than a womp rat, this short shows a different version of the story, that Luke’s flying skills angered Vader and began a chase that leads to Vader actually being the one who blows up the Death Star.

  • This short takes place in the original Star Wars trilogy, but a previous entry from the Star Wars Mission Fleet series from Hasbro brought us into one of the more modern entries from the Star Wars universe with characters from The Mandalorian.