Complete Marvel Super Villains Collection, More Figures Revealed During Hasbro Pulse Live Stream

Hasbro Pulse held another Fan First Friday video today to share a first look at several new Marvel Legends figures and give a look at the complete Marvel Super Villains line which will be available for pre-order today.

  • Joining the previously announced figures of Arcade, A.I.M.’s Scientist Supreme and Dormammu in this collection, will be four more exciting new figures and one build-a-figure:

Doctor Doom

  • This new Doctor Doom figure is a brand new sculpt based on the character’s look from Marvel’s “Secret Wars (2015)” story arc.
  • The figure comes with a blaster and the spine and skull of Thanos, referencing an event that takes place in that comic series.

Lady Deathstrike

  • This all-new figure of the classic X-Men villain prominently features her signature oversized hands.

The Hood

  • The Hood comes to Marvel Legends for the first time with this brand new figure.
  • This figure comes with a removable hood as well was two pistols with magical effects.

Red Skull

  • While there have been plenty of Red Skull figures throughout the history of Marvel Legends, this is the first to really focus on the character’s classic comic look.
  • Dressed in his Hydra green, this figure comes with a Cosmic Cube, a Hydra rifle and an alternated head.

Xemnu Build-A-Figure

  • The build-a-figure for this line is another character coming to Marvel Legends for the first time.
  • The pieces for Xemnu will be found in the packaging with the other figures in this Marvel Super Villains wave.

  • In addition to this new wave, a brand new Quasar figure was also revealed as part of the upcoming cosmic wave which already includes the Silver Surfer and Nova.

  • We also got a look at two other figures that will be revealed later this year, the first of which is the Civil Warrior.

  • The second new figure will be an AI version of Tony Stark in the Iron Man mark IV armor.

  • Finally, some new information about the upcoming M.O.D.O.K. figure was revealed as well.
  • Specifically, the team at Hasbro wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t lose all of the accessories that come with M.O.D.O.K., so they looked to Mr. Potato Head for inspiration and used the figure itself as storage.

  • The hollow figure can be opened up to store all of your accessories.
  • Before wrapping up, the Hasbro Pulse team of course shared one last tease: a sword accessory for an upcoming figure:

  • You can watch the full Hasbro Pulse “Fan First Friday” live stream below: