It seems like the Marvel Universe is coming at us from all angles these days. Marvel shared a trailer for their upcoming new podcast, Marvel’s Declassified, ahead of its release later this month.

  • The first episode of the new podcast will debut on March 16, 2021.
  • You can subscribe to Marvel’s Declassified and a host of other Marvel podcasts on SiriusXM now.
  •  Marvel’s Declassified was initially announced, along with a slew of of Marvel podcasts, back in November.

More on Marvel’s Declassified:

  • Marvel’s Declassified is a nonfiction narrative podcast focusing on the rich, dynamic, and evolving history of Marvel Comics – as told through a contemporary lens. Each episode is hosted by writer and comic book expert, Lorraine Cink (author of Powers of a Girl, co-author Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, and Ultimate Marvel) and acclaimed journalist and critic Evan Narcisse (author of Marvel’s Rise of the Black Panther). Utilizing unique access to writers, artists, editors, and industry insiders who have shaped key storylines and witnessed firsthand the historical shifts within the comic book industry, we get the real story of Marvel Comics as it could only be told by the House of Ideas itself.