Hulu Debuts New Trailer, Art, Images for Third and Final Season of Original Series, “Shrill”

Ahead of the debut of the third and final season, Hulu has released a trailer as well as some new art and images from their original series, Shrill, with new episodes debuting on the streaming service on May 7th.

What’s Happening:

  • Hulu has released a trailer (above) as well as new art and images for the upcoming third and final season of their original series, Shrill, in advance of the season premiere on May 7th.

  • Season Three of Shrill finds Annie (Aidy Bryant) energized by her breakup with dud boyfriend Ryan and her newfound momentum at work. Annie feels like everything is finally falling into place for her, but does she actually know what to get what she wants?

  • The series stars Aidy Bryant, Lolly Adefope, Ian Owens, John Cameron Mitchell, E.R. Fightmaster and Patti Harrison.

  • Based on the novel Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Linda West, the three seasons act as a beginning, middle and end of Annie’s story, played by Aidy Bryant, who also served as an executive producer.
  • Bryant has previously explained that her character’s main arc has been about self confidence, a storyline that can’t ever truly be resolved. In that regard, the series could’ve gone on longer.

  • While the creators weren’t planning to end the show after three seasons, Hulu gave the team enough of a heads up to craft the final season in such a way that they could wrap up all plotlines.
  • Rather than focusing on romantic relationships, the final season focuses more on the everlasting friendship of Annie and Fran.

  • Written and filmed after the pandemic started, the creative team had to rethink their approach to filming the third season, setting most of the action on sets rather than on location and scaling back scenes originally conceived as taking place in a large group.