The Tacyhon Anomaly Event Coming to “Marvel’s Avengers” April 22

It has been quite a while since Marvel’s Avengers became available and the new content continues to pour out. Later this month, the Tachyon Anomaly Event will debut in the game, involving a variety of activities involving Tachyon Rifts.

  • The Tachyon Anomaly Event will debut in the game on April 22.
  • This new event will allow players to have a Strike Team composed of more than one of the same Hero, a feature that has been much requested since the game launched.
  • As for the story of this new event:
    • AIM's tampering with time has led to periodic Tachyon Anomalies. Whenever these events occur, Avengers from different timelines can converge in a single location and take on the world's threats together.
  • The first Tachyon Anomaly is happening from April 22 to May 3 and allows players to form teams of more than one of the same hero, so a Strike Team of four Hulks is possible – and smashingly wild.
  • Players can also matchmake into teams that contain the same Heroes, meaning you’ll never know what combination of Heroes you may be part of.
  • During these two weeks, there will be a weekly mission chain that rewards Hivemind Set Gear, and daily missions that reward Priority Set Gear for high-level Heroes.
  • The game will also introduce Temporal Assault Nameplates which are animated nameplates you can get to add some shine to your experience. Players will receive an animated team nameplate as a reward for the first completion of the weekly mission chain that can be used on any Hero!
  • There are also Hero-specific animated nameplates that will be available in the Marketplace:
  • During the Tachyon Anomaly Event, multiple Tachyon Rift Missions will appear at a time.
  • There will also be new Tachyon Rift Missions for Heroes who are Power Level 1-100, which will rotate every day and offer relevant rewards.
  • Finally, there is a new Tachyon Mission in town: And We’re Back.
  • Tachyon Rifts are timed missions that usually require Power Level 140+ with only one appearing on the War Table per week.
  • These missions reward powerful Cosmic Gear that can allow Heroes to gain Willpower (Life) upon attacking enemies.
  • In order to unlock Tachyon Rift Missions, players must complete the SHIELD Substation Zero Mission Chain that takes them to the Pacific Northwest.
  • For more information, check out the Square Enix website.

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